Gypsy Girl's Guide Manifesto

PDFs and posters coming soon!

  • so beautiful:: i love it! your site is awesome!

  • wow! all i can muster right now…wow!!!

  • Bravo! This is wonderful.


  • Love it!

  • Love the “You are Enough”!

  • Oh, PLEASE hurry with the PDF!! :)

  • So very beautiful :)

  • This is amazing! Love it! I just came across your site via Kind Over Matter and now I’m kinda lovin’ it. It’s a beautiful site and I’m so excite to look around. It seems like you have a very positive attitude, which is what I’m always striving for over at Positively Present!

  • This is GREAT! How’d you do it? Will you tell?

  • Beautiful! Am looking forward to exploring your site more! Blessings!

  • Wow! I love this… it’s gorgeous and inspiring. So glad I stumbled upon this site! : )

  • I love this. and your site. its so sweet. thank you.

    linked to it today

  • so cool! i just discovered your site! LOVE.

    from one gypsy soul to another.

  • Wow! I love this. So happy to have found your site. Everything is just so beautiful. Thank you.

  • count me in!

  • say yes more often
    and travel light

  • i just happened upon this blog and really love the message it gives. just wanted to let you know that i shared this manifesto over on my blog “Each Day” today. you can check it out here:

  • Simply stunning. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to exploring more of your site!

  • I just love this! I come over here and read it almost every day. I can’t wait to be able to get a copy of this for myself!

  • I cannot think of a word to describe how this manifesto makes me feel! While unwrapping (reading) this gift, I felt like a little girl on christmas morning :) Thank you!

  • Beautifuly presented and so inpirational! I love your blog and seeing this has come at just the right time for me. Thanks so much x

  • Oh I love this so much. I can’t wait to have a poster.

  • This is wonderful! Could you Please please please share a little bit about how you made it? was it photoshop etc? I so want to do something like this for myself….

  • Love, love love this!!! :) Thanks for sharing! Really diggin your blog.

  • This is amazing! Are the poster and/or pdf available yet?

  • This is so beautiful — waiting for the poster! I discovered your blog today and am grateful I did. Looking forward to reading mroe.

  • LOVE this! Linking it to my blog :)

  • love it!!!

  • Hi,

    I posted this on my blog and I have credited it. Please let me nkow if its ok.



  • A fragrant potpourri of all the things I believe in .. but too often forget to live. Thank you for this blending!

  • Hi, I love this. I’m going to copy and post on my blog and credit to you. Please let me know if this is not ok. Thanks very much :)

  • Fabulous! I am so going to print it out and hang it on the wall.

  • simply beautiful – would love a print of this!

  • Wow! I have never felt so much positive energy and inspiration from one site. I’m so happy I came across gypsygirlsguide. Your Manifesto — brilliant! I look forward to meeting and speaking with other gypsy sisters. Can’t wait to read more posts!!

  • your image/manifesto on my blog is linked directly to this very posting, therefore giving you all the credit you deserve. not only that, but the title clearly states “by gypsy girl’s guide”, so if that’s not enough credit for you, then i am sorry. i will take it down when i’m back at my own computer.
    in light and harmony,

  • no worries. i’m glad we got it worked out. i’m bad at wordage and writing so lots of times i just share cool things i come across by posting a clickable image, which isn’t always clear….so you’re right….some kind of explanation would be helpful :)

  • So uplifting and inspiring. Thank you so much.

  • Hi my name is Angie,
    I have a desire, maybe a calling,
    to Live the Salt as a Gypsy.
    I’m Loving Your site. What caught my eye…..
    ‘ do what you love and, the money will follow’
    I needed to hear that. ;)

  • I would absolutely love to see this in a PDF poster format! I would love to print this off & keep a copy in the front of my journal

  • Beeeeeautiful!!! So inspiring! I’d like to wake up to this every morning – and start my day with this gorgeous manifesto! Can’t wait for the pdfs!. :-)

    Love & Light,

  • This entire website is insensitive and racist. Congratulations on appropriating a racial slur and turning into a neologism as empty and ridiculous as ‘live, laugh, love’.

  • Oh yes you are right you guys! I love this site, it’s so cool, awesome and offensive to the Roma all at once! [/sarcasm] Seriously change your blog name for Pete’s sake!

  • I love this site! Looking to make a million changes this year and this site is such an inspiration! Thank you all!

  • If only someone would make a sticker sheet out of this so we can stick all these lovely messages on objects & notebooks as little notes to self!

  • I love this site. Sleepless in South Arica this brought me peace at 2am. Just thank you!,

  • Love all of your artistic touches. When will you make this poster available?

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