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What I really want is to build a forum here, so all of you can list your profiles, connect with each other, exchange travel tips, ask questions, trade advice, etc. It will come….

In the meantime, what I would LOVE to see is each one of you adding a comment to this page, introducing yourself and leaving a link to your blog, flickr account, tumblr, etc. Whatever you want to share introducing yourself is fine (as long as it is kind)! My goal is to welcome you as part of this tribe and create space for you to connect with fellow gypsies.

My dream is to grow this community of travelers, bohemians and dreamers, so we can inspire and support each other on our journeys, wherever they may take us.

Thank you for being here!

Go ahead and say hi ~



356 gypsy girls have joined!

  • I’d join any tribe you gather up! you are pure magic alex. the new site is stunning. congrats. xo

  • Wow, how beautiful is your manifesto! As I read it my body quietened, it really is the truth we have been denied.

    I’m Amanda and live in the UK with my husband and 3 beautiful daughters. I feel blessed to have found you here. xx

  • your site looks wonderful…and the manifesto is lovely! am ready for a road trip now. warmly, s

  • The new place looks stunning – I am going to go on a bit a look around right now! Looking forward to the tribe coming together.

  • Love the design, logos and colour on these pages – sublime and evocative. You’ve really captured that gorgeous gypsy spirit

  • your new site is as wonderful as hearing you are having a little baby girl..teehee… magical Alex! Magical! xx

  • Such a beautiful new site Alex! I’m so happy I get to be part of it.

    Hello beautiful bohemian, gypsy goddess tribe :)

  • The new site is amazing! I love the manifesto, too. It really spoke to me. Congratulations on the new site and the new baby!

  • Wonderful! LOVE it! Can’t WAIT to get a PDF of that beautiful manifesto!

  • Congratulations on a beautiful site, and a lovely space, and your new wee one! I’d be honoured to join your tribe.


  • Congrats on such a gorgeous new site. I can’t resist the call to join a Gypsy tribe as I’ve definitely had a gyspy heart for a long time. Look forward to reading more.

  • Hola fellow gypsies! I feel really blessed to be a part of this beautiful gypsy girl tribe and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit more in the following weeks as we take over the GGG inspiraton wheel from Alex while she nurtures her new gypsy bundle.

    Alessandra, this new site is muito bonito!! besos! xx

  • Congratulations, Alex! Exciting new ideas . I read through your manifesto and “don’t settle for average” is what captured me today. Thanks for the inspiration and the beauty, and I wish you much love and peace for the birth ahead.

  • Gorgeous new site. I’m happy to join the tribe with all these lovelies!

  • stunning site. thank you for inviting us to gather in this exquisite tribe. many blessings for a beautiful and blissful birth journey.

  • Love love love the new site! It is so beautiful! My blog is still sort of new, but I am looking forward to getting to know this amazing community!

  • brilliant and full of beauty! count me in as gypsy girl! XO

  • I love it! I have been a gypsy girl for 20 years…and am excited to see a tribe of like-minded souls lining up for gypsy goodness…listening, learning, changing and creating is a great way to live!!!!!

  • I will always want to be part of your tribe! :)

  • I’m so excited to be apart of this tribe and see what beautiful inspiration can come from it!

    @leanamay on Twitter

  • Love the look! I just came upon your sites today. It’s so positive and warm, fun.

    I’m Lisa. I’m an artist and currently spend my days as a stay-at-home mama to my two little babes.

    Looking forward to connecting with other creative souls here!

  • What a lovely idea! The new site is so beautiful and I LOVE the manifesto!

  • Brilliant. What a wonderful idea, Alex.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your site…..I’m so blessed to have found you here. Saw your article in Artful Blogger Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my breath has been taken away…by the beauty in this space, by your soul, by the love that surrounds you.

    love you gypsy yum.

  • :) such a lovely space.

  • love your site. so beautiful and peaceful. i look forward to be inspired.

  • Ok truth be told time — I am a wanna be traveler — havnt done much and am getting to the age where if i dont do it Soon I will be living with regret.

    I am here to learn and to be anyones cheerleader for finding joy in living and with passion.

    Love the new site– its stunning.


  • Thank you for participating and joining in, everyone! I’m a little weepy with all the good vibes surrounding this space. I will definitely miss it while I’m gone, but I am happy to know you will all be in good company. Totally excited about building up this community! Love & Hugs xoxx

  • love your new site. it is so peaceful and inviting!

  • You new digs are beautiful! I look forward to all the magic that will happen here and being part of the gypsy tribe!

  • Alex…your new site is breathtakingly beautiful :)

  • love your website and the manifesto. always been a gypsy at heart!

  • Would love to add a little chookooloonks vibe to this beautiful gypsy girl tribe. Beautiful work, my friend!


  • Your blog looks amazing and what a wonderful idea with a Gypsy Tribe.

    My name is Maria-Louisa, I am Danish but have for the last couple of years lived in Edinburgh – Scotland. I live in The Colonies with my boyfriend and just love our little garden (the size of a stamp).


  • love it. supporting your dream with pure intention. :)

  • Oh my goodness – absolutely amazing. Randomly directed here from Twitter – and already I feel at home! (The most recent post on adornments speaks volumes to me…particularly in regards to my recent outing to search for local artist-made adornments!)

    I am Lisa, mother of 2 young kiddos, living in Southern Indiana with my hubby and dog. We’re a happy little bunch (at least 50% of the time).

    I’m definitely in tune with the vibe you have for this site and can’t wait to visit again. Best of luck with your upcoming delivery – how truly exciting!!

  • there is *magic* in you and all the beauty and connections that you make

    arohanui to you gyspy sister. may your adventures and stories be fuel to the fires of all gypsy travellers and armchair adventurers the world over


  • coming here is like going on vacation….love you so

  • What I love about this space is that even when I can’t travel somewhere physically, I can come here and feel like I’ve gone somewhere beautiful, warm, and happy. Thank you for providing this space.

    My name is Darrah and I live in Seattle with my sweet musician husband. I’m a photographer with a wandering spirit. I am always daydreaming about my next trip…to the farmers market, to my favorite cafe, to Paris. Sigh….

  • Finally, a place where I am NOT the abnormal! The wanderlust, the search for more, always seeing more….

  • I love your new site too Alex! Amazing! You and your photography are a true light :)

  • sign me up. love this beautiful space you have opened up to all of us.

  • Feminine Bohemian small biz owner. Living in Austin.

    Ahh, feeling awash in gypsy connections and love…Thank you for this space Alex.

  • Your new space is so lovely!! Congrats! xx

    Places :
    Twitter: @kindovermatter | @thismessylife
    Bloggin’ it at:

  • Hi Alex! congrats for the lovely new design! I am Mariella, I am from Italy but I live in China with my Israeli husband and my little boy…a little bit of a gypsy myself;-) I have lived in several different places and I enjoy immensely what all my experiences abroad have given to me, so… W the gypsy life!

  • This design knocks my socks off. I’m excited that you have this new home!

  • I love the site! I am looking forward to connecting.

  • I love your sites, your voice and vision. I would love to be part of the tribe.

  • I love your new site, and the whole bohemian lovely lifestyle. It’s gorgeous. I’m Bridget, and my sweetie and I have such wanderlust that we’re taking sailing lessons and working towards buying a boat. There’s so much to see, isn’t there?

    People can find me at my blog: .

    I’m so happy to join your tribe!

  • I cannot get over how fantastic your redesign is! Simply amazing. I am poring over the manifesto right now – definitely a tribe I would love to join.

  • Travel and photography have always been my first passion. 52 countries and counting….

    I have viewed my imagery through the camera lens for so many years and now I wish to try my hand at merging photography and collage within the mixed media art world.

    An artist friend once told me ” Your space is full of stories and imagery, can’t wait to learn them from you. I hoped I helped a little on this journey in your life”.

    I hope to be able to bring to you a variety of “Altered Art” using a combination of photography, polaroid transfers/ manipulations, found treasures, assemblage as well as digital art. Check out our new website

    I plan to try and create an art piece weekly… it may be a digital collage, a new page layout, a collage, a story from my journeys, or just a simple image I find intriguing.

    I am looking at imagery with fresh eyes…

    Creativity feeds my soul….The journey continues….
    Thanks for allowing me to join “The Tribe” Travel safe, Lorna

  • me!!! i’ll join your tribe, my fellow Brazilian world traveling babe xo

  • I fell in love with travel and photography at the same time- a trip to the UK when I was 16.
    Photography is what I do and a huge part of who I am.
    Travel is what excites and inspires me.
    Creativity is what gives me energy.

  • ~*there’s a gypsy soul always looking to be rocked *~ {mine especially}

  • My father instilled a passion for travel and creativity in me at an early age, and I have carried that spirit with me always!!! I would love to be a gypsy girl to celebrate that spirit with others!!!

  • Well, i feel like i fell behind on this one. It is too late to join the tribe?

  • I love to write, create art, dance and so the list continues. I’ve recently picked up photography as a hobby and I consider myself an all around creative artist. I love LOVE to travel. My favorite place so far has been my time spent in Berlin

  • A tribe I am happy to join! Thank you for providing a space for us all. I love to take pictures that tell stories and connect with amazing women!

  • Oooh I just now see the link to “join the tribe”.
    Hope it is not to late to say hello!
    I feel like this will give so much opportunity to meet like-minded women.

    Love Gypsy Girl Guide blog!
    keep up the nice work

  • what a beautiful blog! so happy to be here, in this circle of lovely artful adventurous magical women!!!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    It’s SO nice to find a place where people have similar ideas, views, experiences and a desire to travel the world.

    Born in America, but living in Italy I adore all things Italian!…The food, language, lifestyle, freedom, etc. I’ve been here for 4 years now and my family STILL thinks that I’m just here for a vacation. They don’t understand my desire, nor lifestyle.

    Glad to be a member! Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  • I hope at last to have found people like me that feel different. Women who want the freedom to travel and see the world, meet other cultures… I’ve always felt alone, thinking that there are no people who share the same ideas, but I’m glad to know that I am not crazy, nor am I alone. I’m from Puerto Rico and living in the U.S. and hope not to die without living in another country where I can be just me. Thank you for this website! I love it!

  • this site is sick. I love the photography, what it captures and the pureness it holds. I

  • Wrapping numb fingers around my spiced hot chocolate, I blew the curl of white steam off the top. It drifted briefly over the hand embroidered napkin that protected the warm tortillas from the brisk mountain air. I sat with a group of friends, huddled around a table in the loft of a coffee shop in the mountains of Central Mexico. Though only a few hours outside of Mexico City, and merely one country removed from my home, it felt like a different world. Even the chocolate tasted different. But, it still warmed my heart as much as my body. The frost still clung to the tips of the leaves like it did back home. People still complained about the weather. As I took a sip from my talavera mug, I realized something important. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I suppose that’s when I became a gypsy girl.

  • I just discovered this blog yesterday – stunning!

    I fell in love with travel before I’d even really been anywhere; I knew at age 14 that I wanted to explore the world. I’m trying to decide what my next adventure will be, and how to fund it…

  • what a beautiful site! proud to join the tribe!

  • Love love love this website. Glad to be part of the tribe!

  • Oh! This is for me. When people ask me where I am from I always roll my eyes and sigh and say “I am a gypsy of sorts…” An Army Brat and then an international flight attendant, now I am an artist who works from home!! hooray! But I always have a need to travel in my blood. Maybe I should embrace my inner gypsy after all!

  • beautiful blog

  • I travelled the world in my twenties, which seems like forever ago, now everyday is a small journey to and from, here and there. I love the idea of joining an international tribe of dreamers, wanderers and you.
    I lived in Australia for a long time now I’m back home on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

  • This site was sent to me by a good friend who knows I am a true gypsy soul. Oh how I need to join this tribe! I traveled for 3 years to over 40 countries. It is my passion, my life force. The last 3 years I have tried to maintain a sense of stability by staying put and attempting to ground myself…hoping to manifest a loving relationship and family. But it hasn’t come. My relationship is with the road, and my family is the globe. Those that see me from the outside say I am the most interesting person they know. I have met countless others who surpass me. I feel a struggle between the side of me that wants to travel until my last breathe and the side of me that yearns for the comfort of a community and family. I’m hoping someday to be able to do both. I’m so grateful to have discovered this site and this tribe of nomadic souls.

  • I found your site from another blog and am so glad I did! I have not travelled far but in my heart I am a gypsy. You can find me at Blessings to all!

  • A fellow travelin’ mama who is in love with your blog and the whole concept:
    Blog ~
    Flickr ~

  • I love the manifesto, I try to live a life full of possibilities. If you would like to know more about me visit my blog

  • I am in love with this site — which provides me with so much inspiration on my own journey. Thank you all for sharing your journeys — and keeping me on the path!!

  • What a beautiful online community! I slept on a Aero bed (fancy air mattress) for 3 years because buying a “big girl” bed meant committing to stay in this apartment and growing roots. I’m happier with my head in the clouds than my feet on the ground, although I somehow manage to balance both as a yoga teacher! Meet me at Front Porch Yoga sometime- it’s a feeling in your heart- more than some steps, a porch, and a door.

  • Hiety Ho there!
    Found here via Kelly Rae (heart her!).. Love the site! Very easy on the eyes.. Bonus! “I am one of the searchers…We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves, hoping to understand.” (Check out front page of my website for the rest of the quote) Seems I came to the right place! Nestled among other lovelies of collaboration, art, and the unyielding attempt to live an inspired life. Let me pull up a chair (with a glass of sweet tea please!) and let’s get to work! xoxo~

  • I am so glad I have found your blog, I love it! My blogging is about feeding our ‘inner beam’, shining our light & being real & true to ourselves. It’s honest & open, aware & food for thought. You can find it at I also recently started a second one, since having been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid & being unwell and off work for months. It’s
    It’s for anyone facing change, illness or challenge & how it can be ok. So, it’s pretty much just for every woman.

  • Beautiful, enchanting, inspiring and lovely.
    Love from Eva

  • Love this blog! Would love to share a chat with the other bohemian gypsies!


  • What a lush and inspiratonal site. I love the travelling and seeing the new and unkown but I love the cosy place called home. I’ve been struggling lately with where my life should be going. This place is calming and uplifting. Love the manifesto. Thank you

  • This site is just beautiful! From the outside looking in….no one would think I was a Gypsy…..I haven’t done much traveling…..I’ve never left the US…..but I want to SO badly…..I actually live in the house I grew up in…..and it makes my soul feel stuck. I am a Gypsy Dreamer……

  • I just found you. You have a very thought-provoking and beautiful blog. Love the idea of a tribe of gypsies!

  • Hi, I just found you!! I have been a gypsy for 8 years and now we are traveling the US in an RV our family of 5! Great to find other’s like us!

  • This spot that’s been carved out is encouraging, exciting and inspirational – thank you!

  • I’m in. Even if I’m only wandering around barefoot in my own backyard these days.

  • would love to connect with other like-minded souls seeking out and inviting in. i look forward to delving in deeper to this lovely place. can’t get over the simple beauty of this site and your words are lovely.

  • i found you via Shutter Sisters and felt an immediate connection. from travel to film (i’m a film producer too!) to photo to Bay Area (hooray!)…I just had to be a part of your tribe of dreamers!
    your work is amazing and your spirit shines through. i hope to cross paths with you one day.

  • i stumbled on this site last week and have been visiting daily. it feeds my gypsy soul. i linked it on my blog today! thanks for the inspiration.

  • Love your site! It awakens my spirit to dream.

  • I was introduced to your site by Bobbi French at She is a fellow Canadian following her heart in France. I followed my heart to the small Island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras. I write about day-to-day life here at and feel honoured to spend time with “true locals” learning what really matters in life.

  • Hello. My blog is I am an Art Therapist, Artist and educator. I would love being part of your gypsy tribe. Having traveled for many years throughout Europe and North Africa in a van, back packing through the South Pacific and homesteading in the Gulf Island on the West Coast of Canada, I know and love the gypsy life. Warmly, Karen

  • i would join any tribe that you were dancing with… xo

  • I LOVE your site! I can’t believe I haven’t found it sooner! I’d love to connect with all the gypsy ladies out there! I have a blog over at and would love it if you all stopped over!

  • Thank you for such an awesome inspiring site!

  • This feels like the tribe for me. :)

    I can be found at! Nice to meet you all!


  • I willl gladly join

  • I found you through shuttersisters! I am so glad I did! This site is amazing… such an inspiration :)

  • Just found the site and have been exploring. Loving it. I love the idea of gypsy. So inspiring!

  • I love anything that has to do with the word tribe and a gyspy vibe!

  • i would like to be a gyspy and learn their stuff

  • Hi- Shannon here. Love, love, loving this site and looking forward to connecting with others too. My blog is new and evolving:

    I love music and travel, and traveling to see live music

  • delighted to join this gorgeous tribe of gypsy women!

  • Hi, I’m Shannon

    I am a mixed media artist who believes in the pursuit of beauty through creative expression. I would love to be a part of your vision!

    You can see some of my work and musings here at my blog:

    Thanks and keep creating <3

  • I am a painter:

    currently directing a collaborative artwork:

    Your site is beautiful.

  • am looking exited forward to becomming a gypsy woman :)

  • I am an artist, musician and free spirit. I like health, change, Music (most of all!) and I am a bit of a wanderlust. I want to travel, and be a hero (always dreamed it). I have a strong soul, and will. I have amazing intuition and unexplainable dreams of the future on occasion. I don’t know why, but that’s me in a nutshell. Please see my daily adventures from the link above. <3

  • Hi, I’m Sue. I love this site. Whenever I’m feeling down or jaded, this site is my source of energy and inspiration. I’m really looking forward to be part of this tribe :)

    This is my website I’m currently working on:

  • I would love to join! This is just the right place for me :)

  • I’d love to join the tribe.. my blog is here,

    I’m a card designer, mixed media artist and a writer..

    enter in!!!!
    and I’m a brave girl! hugs xo
    bonnierose in fargo

  • Hey! What an awesome website. Definitely feel at home here.

  • This space is so magical and warm. Love it!!

  • Being part of a tribe is wonderful. Beautiful site. I love getting lost here.

  • just found your through Bohemian Girl….lovely site that I love to peruse with a cup of chai tea!

  • Wonderful site. Enjoy your blog. Would love to be a part of the tribe.

  • Wow! I love your stuff! I am jamming your music right now and it is wonderful! I would love to be a part of the tribe!

  • Simply Love This…

  • i adore this place…i feel like i’ve found a comfy spot to get curl up with…like a good book! thanks…look forward to tribe-ness.

  • The Manifesto was beautiful, it truly touched my heart. I admire you’re hard work towards this site! I would absolutely love to become a part of the Gypsy Girl’s Tribe. :)

  • Hi, my name is Hollie Chantiles. I’m an artist/illustrator and gypsy girl living in York, PA. I would love to join your tribe!
    Your site is beautiful and has ben a big inspiration to me since I found it.
    Thank you for making such a cozy home for all of the gypsies in the world.

  • hello. i am michelle — mama, photographer, life long learner, seeker, occasional finder… lovely site. lovely energy. looking forward to knowing you all.

  • oh my goodness, feeling incredibly late to the party but would travel anywhere with you. xoxo

  • Feel like I am already part of the tribe…La Vie Boheme!

  • I would love to join you all as a part of this tribe. :)

  • Im a young gypsy mama, I want to inspire others and encourage them to a conscious, simple lifestyle.
    I adore you site!

  • Thank you for this site! It is inspiring me to take action and live as the gypsy girl that I know I am!

    Blessings to all,

  • Luv this site! Found you via twitter where you so had me with following: “free spirits with a gypsy heart” Come on! After reading that how anyone resist clicking on over – so glad I did!

    Besides a freakish need for bubbles, sparkles & belly laughs, I truly desire to support other creatives, well, in creating their masterpieces called life. I’m a big fan of encouraging art creations off the page – creating a desired passionate life (of course filled with bubbles and inspired by laughter cuz that’s what’s up! Besides bubbles never made anyone sad).

    Have an inspiring day!

    twitter: @stepheybaker

  • Hey! So very happy to have finally landed here among fellow gypsies. There is a beautiful vibe to this space, alot of interesting souls, I look forward to the trip …
    peace & love to all,

  • Count me in, too! What a tribe it is!

  • aaahhh, so good to see friends of mine here on your site. thanks for setting it up and giving us the opportunity to share and connect. love to be part of the tribe. in connection. JAI MA

  • I haven’t had a chance to look through all of your blog yet, but the name itself speaks to me “wants to be” wandering heart! Besides, every year from about age 7 to 11 I dressed as a gypsy for halloween – the beautiful kerchief, the flowing skirt, the blouse – if my dad would have let me, I would have dressed like that everyday! Glad to have found your tribe and am thrilled to be a part o it!

  • love that there is a home for beautiful global gypsies ladies. Thanks for welcoming me to the tribe!

  • Oh this is exactly what I need right now. Im only 35 but feel a midlife crisis coming on, now that my kids are getting older, 9 and 14, I have fantasies of traveling, writing, painting, photographing and bringing them along for the ride. I want to show them so much before they grow up. What a lovely site to add inspiration to my life. Thanks, Steph

  • This site is beautiful, love the colors and inspiration. I am a painter, love being married, adore animals, is inspired by trees and nature, color and the bohemian free spirited attitude. I have embarked on a new chapter in my life recently, hoping to create a new me, an honest me, something I’ve never been able to do before. And I would love to join your tribe.

  • This site is everything I have been looking for and more!

    thank you.

  • What a wonderful site! I’ve been mostly reading in a reader but actually clicked through today and so glad I did, your home is so beautiful!
    :) what a great start to my day xxx

  • I followed your blog a bit awhile back but some adventuring took me away. Love your beautiful site!

  • I’ve been following for awhile, but can’t remember if I left a comment here or not. Love this site!

    – Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  • My name’s Victoria. Im a travelor at heart. What I mean to say is that i travel without traveling. The places i go arent far from home, but they take me to a state of mind thats far from physical. I really enjoy this site and hope that as this community grows, I will grow with it.

  • Love so much about this blog,love to get on everyday.

  • This gypsy girl is picking up after 40 years and moving to the home of her ancestors…..

  • Hi dear Alex,

    I would Love to be a part of this tribe :)

    Hi everyone, this is Gizem from Istanbul, Turkey..who just finished a yoga teacher training and going for the advanced trainings..trying to discover the creative side of herself by taking photos and making collages.
    hope you would enjoy my “work” here :)

    Love, and wishing u a great new year!

  • I did leave a short message before but it was lacking! I should have said I’m an artist (not sure what kind of artist yet!), singer and aspiring jewelry designer. I married an amazing “tribal guy” and we have a little girl called Millie. I love India. I got married there (my husband, the tribal guy, is Indian) and just love it so much. :)

  • Happy New Year to all the Gypsy Girls !!!

    I am a gypsy girl through and through but new to the blogging world. I started my travels at the age of 4 however, my blog is only a year old. Joining this tribe would fulfill everything I live for: travel, kindness, sharing wisdom and ideas. Passion and accountability are my two words which direct and guide my work and career.

    I am a nurse by trade but soon to be part of the international development organizations and community. Hoping to advocate for women’s health, freedom, right and education.

    Hope that I can bring this tribe some of my experiences on being a gypsy and being a soulful advocate for a balanced life for everyone.

    with love
    Renata :-)

  • Irish girl living in London, UK. Would love to be part of this tribe. This site is so inspiring and it exactly what I need to help me take on 2011 and win! ;-)

  • Just clicking on this site makes me feel cosily at home. I am a fellow wanderluster, designing and implementing programs for women affected by war worldwide. Currently living in the Middle East and finding so much beauty in the posts, strength and attitudes of the Gypsy Girls. This community moves me every day, and it is a privilege to say hello to you.

  • I’m am not part of any gypsy tribe, but I would love nothing more to join. I am a mother of a beautiful little girl and was wondering if there was anyone who had information about how to even find gypsys? Is it acceptable to bring children I can’t think of a more exciting way to raise my child. Any info would be amazing

  • I am thrilled to join this tribe of creativity and beauty. I am relatively new to this blogging world, but would love you gypsies to wander by my potager, and I can’t wait to explore your worlds. Thanks for the forum!

  • THis is my mind of place exactly, so glad to have found you am in desperate need of some inspiration about now !!! (living too long in Washington DC perhaps? Cheers, Janice

  • Hi there! I found this site thanks to Rebecca and I love it!
    I am Emmanuelle, French, lives in Brussels, but truly a world citizen. I am a yoga teacher trainee, reflecting on growth, transformation and freedom over there ->
    Lovely to meet you all!

  • wow! A whole site dedicated to fellow gypsies :) I’m in love. thank you for the great idea and creation.. Looking forward to more bohemian musings xx

  • lovely company.
    my wings are in need of a little lift and i think this is just the place.

  • What a great blog. I love this place – I’m definitely on the bohemian side and would love to be a gypsy wanderer someday.

  • Hi there! Thank you for creating such a wonderful site, my gypsy soul will love wandering through this guide. I travelled a lot with my parents ( in a caravan!) along the east coast of Australia . Now I just love to roam whenever and wherever, experiencing the many wonders this world has to offer.

  • Wow! Great site! Look forward to hearing of your travels.

  • yes :) i would love to free my gypsie flag…i’ve been raising people for 17 years now, and i’d like have a little space to run free again, thank you for helping with that…
    xo xo

  • Just stumbled upon your blog and I think it’s amazing. So many inspiring words. I really feal connected with your ‘guide’.
    My name is Daphne, photographer from Holland, Amsterdam. In April I’ll initiate a photography project somewhere in the world. I’m really excited about that. I feel that my bohemian spirit is coming to the surface again after a period of doing things on an ‘average base’.

  • Greetings from a fellow blogger! I absolutely love this website! It is so rich with resources and information and lovely things. Keep up the good work, and feel free to stop by my blog if you are interested.
    Thank you very much! :)

  • I always thought of myself as a hippy/gypsy free spirited, kind, with nature…. but WOW, your description of a gypsy girl defined me. Your musings are amazing…

    Much love to you sister..

  • WordPress has a plug in to do exactly what it is you are wanting to do on this page. I will try to find out the name of it for you and repost it when i do :)

  • You might check out “BuddyPress” or “Simple Press” they might meet your needs to getting what you want done… Good luck and I love the site:)

  • wow. i so love your site. I created a make-believe hotel to celebrate my girlfriends’ and my 50th b-days. I called it The Half Century Mark Hotel. No one really got what I was up to. But you encourage me to keep dreaming.

  • I love your site and feel honored to join the tribe.

    I’m a potter who loves to travel alone or with my family. My daughter and I recently met up with my son in Rome. We stayed in Trastevere and had a great time. Hmmm… where to go next?

  • Well, don’t ask me how i found this site??? i keep clicking link upon link…a wonderful discovery. That’s one way to travel!!! i travel in my mind, heart and soul. Art making is by far the most incredible trip i take almost every day. I love your site and feel your way of life…is THE way. I don’t buy much either, I don’t want much….just art, beauty, good food, nature and people I love and who love me!! Most evryone who knows me are amazed at how little money i can live on!! It can be done. i am travelling to Italy this year..a place i have always wanted to go. arrivederci!

  • Hi!, I just wanted to tell you that this site is what I’ve been looking for this past months. I’m in college, this is my last semester, I love my career but I don’t think I’m meant to work and become another employee yet and your manifesto, your lifestyle… everything is just the way I want to be in life, that’s me!
    I think i just needed someone to remind me what I’m looking for and seeking is what I want and the path doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that I’m doing it the way I want to. Thank you for your great site, keep it up!!!
    I feel like in the tribe. Thanks n.n

  • I arrive via the beautiful Leonie (postcardsfrom) who right this moment is in my part of NZ. We have our heads together planning all kinds of creative journeys for fellow travellers, by the sea, in the forest, through the seasons … I am stilled by the lakes of inspiration I find here, as I have abandoned my blog for a while while I am silent … thank you

  • What a beautiful and welcoming site! I’m so glad to be here!

  • I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and love it! The stories, the photos, the travel tips…all so great. I’m Megan from Seattle. I love traveling and experiencing new places and hope to do more of it in the future!

  • I would love to be party of this gypsy tribe :) I’m a true gypsy at heart and have a small house in a remote village in France to prove it!

  • I grew up in a gypsy-kind-of-life. It’s nice to know that there are people who are like me whom I can share some of my experience, knowledge and everything. I would love to be a part of this unique community. :)

  • it’s lovely that we can make that transition from girl to woman now with the love and nuturing that makes our lights shine bright and our hearts soar x

  • Hi to all traveling & connecting,
    I just returned from a quick weekend to see Ben Folds in St. Louis, MO. I stayed at the hotel, Moonrise and had an all time favorite brunch at, Lola. Great people, amazing food and fun jazz… Enjoy!
    LOVE this new community of fellow, Gypsy Girls! :-)

  • greets fellow gypsies! lovely to find you….and be found. maybe we will cross-polinate on our travels through love, art, play and creativity!
    blessings, ali

  • What a lovely blog and my ear always perk up when I see my words bouncing around … gypsy, bohemian, tribe. Yes, I could romp and howl here …

  • Whoo hooo~excited on my new found community!!This is a beautiful blog im glad I stumbled upon.. I look forward to stoppong back often!!

    LOVE & LIGHT <3

  • Hi all! I’m a gypsy at heart, though not in reality so much. I am an artist turned soon-to-be lawyer (go figure), newly married, and looking forward to put the Bar exam behind me so I can get back to living. This site just speaks to my heart. :)

  • Definitely a gypsy at heart! I dream of traveling the world with my family.

  • Love your site..try to live the words of your manifesto..Glad to be part of the tribe :)

  • Hi there.

    I’m new to travelling (my first trip is Tanzania in June) …but have always considered myself a freespirit. I’m a student, training to be a zookeeper & conservationist and love the outdoors and mountaining climbing is my favourite past time.

    This site appealed greatly & I love your manifesto :)


  • Wonderful idea, would love to join your Gypsy Tribe!

  • Hello Gypsy Tribe ! Im so excited to be here , I live in Hollywood California but I live most my time at my desert home outside of the city . I don’t fit in the city because I look like a hippie chic LOL! I have tried to change for the sake of society but my higher self always tells me thats not who I am , so I stay the hippie I truly am . Im glad I found you all . I feel like I belong .I travel quite a bit from town to town & up the coast . I have also been to Peru , Thailand,Mexico and parts of Europe .
    here is my blog :

    I make healing help videos on YouTube ,this is my latest video

    I look forward to know all you beautiful souls : )

  • wow what a great blog

  • Wandering, stumbling, fumbling, skipping and dancing in a creative, travellor, bohemian, Romany sort of way alongside you all. I love this site and all of you for showing me more of myself. Ubuntu to you all!

  • I stumbled across your website by mistake but i really do find it inspirational and very stimulating. i dont have a blog and i havent traveled but that is my dream (apart from opening a botanic[botany]shop) i’ve daydreamt of being a hero and i feel that this is where i fit in. in phoenix of the tarot cards i think its called that is where i realized i was a gypsy at heart. im creative, i love strange intresting unique jewlery(sometimes i transform the peaces i own into something different) i enjoy colors(no neon) and nature. in fact im an all natural girl( well almost im still in the process[its not easy but its worth it])

  • Beautiful blog! I’d love to be a part of a gypsy girl tribe.

  • I’m a born and raised gypsy!! so glad to see websites like this one out here in the web world. No blog myself but always searching to bounce ideas and thought off of women like myself…
    ~many blessings~

  • the new site is wonderful.hope to be a part of the happenings here!

  • I read your wonderful writings of what a gypsy embraces. It was like reading what I have said and embraced towards others who cross our journey in life.

    I have a small business of which I have begun with findings of trinkets, repurposing and more.

    Looking forward to visiting.

  • A life without travel would not be living! I’ve been traveling the world since I was 3 months old and hope to continue forever…

    What a wonderful site and a wonderful way to connect like-minded gypsies!

  • I’m so glad I found this blog!! I’m a 33-year-old mother of 3 embarking on a path of self-discovery. Discovering my gypsy soul feels like I’m finally home.

  • I just stumbled upon this website, and it is really beautiful (shukar, in Romani Gypsy).
    I am also a photography student and my dream is to travel the world, once my children are old enough (they are 5 & 8).

  • glad i found such a great group of inspirational women! Exactly what I need in my life right now :) xo

  • Hello! I lovelovelove this blog! If you ever have a community, I am so in!

    I love to travel, and I love all kinds of exotic and foreign food, which often fuels my desire to travel.

    I write a blog called Living the Weetzie Way, a blog inspired by Francesca Lia Block’s book Weetzie Bat, as well as all her other books. Her characters are brave and fun and free, and I think they’re a great inspiration for living a great life and loving it.

    Your site is such an inspiration, I can’t stop coming back!

  • Great place to connect! Thanks!

  • Oh, finally I found my tribe :-)

    My name is Elisa, I am a long-time expat and passionate traveler. I was born in Italy, moved to CA when I was 18, then to Denmark, back to Italy, then Switzerland, New York. Now I’m in Switzerland again, with my Swiss husband and my multilingual, equally travel-addicted daughters :-)

    My blog is called Globetrotting in Heels and it’s where I chronicle my trips, my adventures an an expat, but also where I share photos, ramblings and just things I like.

    My Flickr photostream:

  • How wonderful to find a tribe that speaks my language!

  • I totally love this site, and yes, I so want to be here :-). Beautiful site and group.

  • Such a wonderful site!
    I go by Indie Mama on the web, I am married to a wonderful man, who loves to draw, paint and explore the world with our son. And he also loves his PS3, the bane of my existence! ;)
    My son is a wonderfully sweet 6 month old, such an old soul and is teaching me how to love in a way I never thought possible.
    I am a photographer in Oklahoma, living in the woods with my family. It is an amazing life and I cannot wait to be able to share my journey with you all! You can follow my blog as well!

  • You have such a lovely and inspiring site!

  • i love your site. it’s perfect for what it is and i love reading all your blog postings. i love the fairytale artwork too. :) nice work gypsy girl.

  • I love this idea! Still working on getting my recent travel photos on the tumblr, but please feel free to visit. I love this site; it is so inspiring!

  • I love this idea! This site is so inspiring and I’d love to be involved more.

  • I am just so happy I found your blog – we all can use a good girlfriend who can lift our spirits or at least put us back in touch with terra firma when we are lost! :D Even better this concept gives us the chance to have more great girlfriends to chat with in this expansive universe of cyberspace…

  • This is truly an inspiring site! I’m so happy I found it!

  • Call it bohemian, call it indie, I call it me. It’s my way of life and it’s very comforting to know I’m not the only hippie out here, wandering around barefoot.

  • I have called myself a Gypsy for years because my mother always moved around since she was one. Plus she is a Metaphsical Medium and Reiki Master which gave her the insight of freedom to do as she desired and go with it and encouraged me to do the same. I will tell her about this site as well. Come follow my adventures as well. You never know what will happen to Trisha Trixie :0

  • It’s brilliant to finally find a place full of people that I can relate to and connect with, I hope it keeps going or a long time to come :)

    molly x

  • Such an incredible space and so fun! I found this site and was so ecstatic. My mom has always called me a gypsy and here is a place to find others like me. xoxo mandy

  • I have to let you know that this website was instrumental in me getting the courage to convince my husband to move to France from California and actually do it! We are here!

  • beautiful and courageous – your website really resonates with me x

  • Let the amazing journeys begin!

  • Such an inspirational blog! I’m thrilled to be part of the tribe!

  • Pleased and honoured to be able to join — already gypsy, hoping to go full-time nomad within the year…see y’all there!

  • How wonderful to have found you! You sing the song of my heart! Can’t wait to experience this journey together.

  • I just stumbled across this site today and I am so excited! I follow Denise over at Boho Girl and have always been inspired by her. I think this site will be my new favorite. I can also be found at peace and love everyone. deanna

  • Alex,
    I just love this site. I’m a newer world traveler and this site always reminds me to let go of the fear of the unknown and go for it!

    Thank you!!

  • I love this blog! It’s so magical and inspiring!

  • Lovely Lovely site!
    My boyfriend calls me a gypsy or a hippie. We love to travel together and see new things.
    I came across this site today and I am in love!! I love to join the tribe as well (:


  • I haven’t traveled much yet, but plan to sooner than later… this is so great to get tips from other gypsy girls at heart. Beautiful site! Thanks for letting me join the tribe!

  • What a sweet, sweet blog! :) I just found my way here and would love to be a part of The Tribe! I’m from Finland but have lived in the US for some years now as my hubby is American. We travel around all the time in our veggie van, and I write about our travels and my hoopdance, fairy, spirituality and creativity passions on my blog.

    Would love to connect with others, I will go through the comments here and find you out fellow gypsies!


  • grateful to have stumbled upon such a lovely place.
    in light and harmony.

  • The design on this page is delightful and inspiring I look forward to the creation of the tribe. It’s A glorious idea.

  • love this blog, I love the thought of being part of this little community!

  • I love your website. BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING!

  • i love you website. im proud i join your tribe

  • Wow! I can’t believe I found your page today. I like to not only explore different and new places but I explore the web and click on things that look interesting to me and always find new cool pages! I am a hippy trapped in a “perfessionals” body. I work in a stiffling office setting, but I am now head of our Green team at work and we are planting an employee garden and giving out great advise to others on easy ways to be green. It gives me an outlet from the everyday ordinary.

  • Love seeing other people that have the same interests! Feel free to check out my tumblr!

  • LOVE this!!!

  • When I turned 40, I promised myself I’d have a stamp in my passport every year. So far, so good! But between those stamps is a big life to live!

  • My website is currently private but will be open soon so keep checking :)
    Love love love your website!

  • Wonderful site and looks like a terrific group of gypsy girls with wanderlust! So glad to join it.


  • I am 18 and for me it’s really great seeing older woman taking the world by storm! You gypsy girls are really inspiring. Great site.

  • Hey!
    I’m an 18-year-old girl from Estonia, Europe and after somehow stumbling to this website, I can say I am fascinated by it. It is so lovely, everyone has amazing stories to tell; it makes me want to travel even more. I’ve travelled a lot when comparing to other people my age (to the ones I know, at least) but for me, it is nowhere near enough. I feel the need to go away someplace new often and would love to travel so much more often.

    This is such a lovely website, keep up the awesome work!

    p.s. you can also find me on my tumblr:

  • This is where I belong the tribe!!! Hello everyone I am Gina and I WANT TO FLY with you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • I am in the your tribe…and I want to fly with you…xxx

  • I am so excited to become part of your tribe….I have visited many times and am finally taking the jump…..what a beautiful place to visit

  • Namaste! I Would love to be part of this tribe!! I’m a 41 year old mama of two girls, learning from and loving life! PuraVida!

  • I always enjoy any new post from the Gypsy girls Guide.
    I am 37, a humanitariam law specialist slash photographer. I was born in Paris, France and I now live in Arusha, Tanzania with my boyfriend who is a bush pilot (also) slash photographer. We like to travel to discover the world, to discover ourselves. I have been living in Tanzania for 6 years and I cannot wait to discover the next place I will call home.

  • Hi – I am 56, retired social worker, divorced, no children, no parents, my dog and I are leaving in a few days to travel from the east coast of the united states and go where ever we may in order to find a sense of comfort, love, art, and happiness….leaving behind everything and hoping for something else……

  • This is Awesome! I love to travel and am exploring the Gypsy in me.

  • Looks as though I have found some kindred spirits:)…

  • Wow! This site is amazing… I subscribed and look forward to reading your posts…joining the “tribe”… I am work in technology …mom…wife… When I get home I embrace my gypsy side especially in the kitchen. Last year, I launched my blog, Gypsy World Spice Cafe…….

  • Love to travel and exploring nature every step of the way. Just named my two gran girls The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blanket Gypsies as they move from room to room with their favorite blankies but never seem to light anywhere too long…even to sleep! Looking forward to conversing with fellow gypsies my age!!!

  • Be still my restless gypsy heart, or if you cannot be still, then be free.

  • greatings from a seeker in Greece :))))))

  • today is my 35th birthday and i have been spending my lazy morning blog hopping, only now i think it must have been a gift from the universe cause i landed here!

  • Hi! I am loving this site and excited about joining this tribe:) I have recently taken a life leap, quitting my job and moving away from my hometown of D.C. I am currently out west reconnecting with old friends/family and exploring the cities of Denver and Seattle, deciding which one should become my next home. All feedback appreciated on pros/cons of living in either city! I am a writer/editor/photographer, and I love nothing more than traveling the globe and telling people’s stories. I am trusting that this leap of faith will lead to grand things as I await new work opportunities and chances to further my passion for writing. Please feel free to follow my journey on my blog, as I attempt to live my authentic life and find my next step:) Thank you for inviting me into your wonderful community!

  • Hello, I am Leelah. I blog at about Tarot, metaphysics, illustration, design, travel, and soon romance. (Pretty much a witchy lifestyles blog.)

    I really like your musings, they’re similar to mine in intellectual context.

    Glad to be a part of this. Blessed be!

  • How is it possible that I haven’t “officially” joined the tribe before now? This is always such a lovely spot to land on the web.

    Twitter: thewordcellar

  • Hello and thank you so very much for this lovely site! I’m new and am enjoying reading all the posts which fill me with so much light! I’m honored to join the clan :)

  • I tripped over this out in blog land- Love it Alex! I’m in! You are amazing & hope you’ll come back to Boulder soon- All the best-

  • I love when I find kindred souls!

  • I love coming here. It’s my way of wandering, even when I must physically stay put. ^-^
    Gypsy girls around the world… we are each others’ home. <3


  • My sites not finished and my blog is in a million pieces still, this is because I’m a gyspy living my tangled life and now I’ve found my tribe- purely by accident…or maybe not :) HELLO! x

  • hello all! i like this site because i interested with nomad journey. I live in Indonesia now. I have a dream, it’s such a big dream. I want to travel all of the corner of the world, so i decided to join with you all, the member of gypsy girls.. :) xoxo

  • Love your website; love the concept of gypsy and never realized til now I resonated with the title! I’m 57, single, live with my boyfriend in his house so I really liked your piece on Home as I have struggled with that, moved a lot as a child too. Because boyfriend has little “fun” money, I travel alone or with girlfriends and am always looking for new adventures. I’m a life coach, retreat leader and Celebrant, writing and performing ceremonies such as weddings and memorials.. All these help fulfill my need for creativity and adventure too. Lovely to meet my tribe. Namaste

  • I took one look and fell in love! You are so brave. I’ve dreamt my whole life to be a traveller I’d love to get up and go! I’ve lived in a “box” my entire life. I envy those who aren’t trapped.

  • what a great concept. i totally want it. this whole site is so beautiful and the colors immediately attract me (other than the bohemian-feel + great passion for a gypsy lifestyle.


    cheers to exploring new places and building endless memories*

  • ahh love it!<3 :)

  • wow!!! This is so fabulous to find women like me in one place! I so look forward to connecting with all of you! Love the community focus!

  • I am so thrilled to have found you and the Tribe!! I am an artist, mom, wife and teacher who has long believed in the power of art and women to save and transform lives and hopefully to bring peace and understanding to our world. My brother and Sister in law work and live in Afghanistan and Tanzania and they help to transport me into the lives of so many women and artists. Thru them and other friends who run schools for kids in Haiti I am in touch and trying to assist women to take charge of their lives and grow with their art to enhance their lives and the lives of their children!! thank you so very much for establishing this wonderful site where we can gather and share and create to make the world a better and more beautiful place!!

  • I’m so glad to find this tribe of gypsies! There are few things I love more than traveling and dreaming. I can’t wait to read and get to know more of you. I’m @4featherstory on twitter.

  • I found your blog through Britt Bravo’s “Blogs I read” list. People have been calling me their little gypsy girl for years and when I saw the title of your blog I had to come check it out. I love the design style you’ve got going on here and am excited to do some further exploring. I’m infected with some sort of cold bug today though and think I have to put it on my list of things to catch up on as soon as I get my energy back working for me. I included the link to my blog, The Positivity Crusade, but I want to apologize now for the shabby shape it’s currently in. I’m working on it offline for now, trying to get it to match up with the HUGE vision I hold for it. But, if you check it out, try to keep that in mind and hopefully I’ll have it in better shape asap. That’s my work-goal for October… big love and light!!

  • I’m so grateful to have learned of you! I resonate with the title so much so. I have even had 2 cats now named “Gypsy”! Both were adopted with the the name already (odd coincidence) having come from tough situations yet reminded of me and the roads I have traveled myself. They were also both tortoiseshell calico kitties which many say represent good luck. I have grown attached to the name Gypsy and the meaning behind it as a result….and my cats most colorful personalities inspire me and bring me joy as I see my clients daily and custom blend skin care formulations for women around the globe! What a beautiful website and incredible tribe you have here. Glad to have made the connection! Blessings to you all! @sevanibeauty

  • Hello! I feel like I’m coming home<3 My name is Selena and I'm a Gypsy…not much by the way of traveling near and far, but I'm a free spirit, kind, loving Nurse, mother, and friend. I adore Yoga, creating and photographing anything I think is beautiful. I am inspired by nature and the sea. I just recently made a huge life change: picked up my my brood and moved to the gulf coast of Florida from New England. I just JUST started a blog. I am so glad I found this site and am looking forward to connecting with like minded people.

  • Howdy. I’m still trying to come to terms with my gypsy side. I’ve spent most of my life holding my left brain hostage in exchange for the safer confines of my right brain. I’m now unleashing the voices in my head and am finding out that my gyspy and whimsical side is who I need to express. I’ve blogged on and off for a while but have recently made it a priority. Without my writing I am a bag of supressed issues. I write about a little bit everything, peppered with wit and humor. I’m drawn to this site, aesthetically and emotionally. I feel like it expresses who I want to be someday, free-spirited and spiritually centered. And I love the colors in the header. Any blog that uses pink has my undivided attention! – @vickyayala

  • i read your article in Artful Blogging and was very inspired! it’s so cool to have a place for free spirited women to come together and share experiences. thank you! i am aspiring for medical school but have recently come to realize my passion is in traveling, crafting, living in the now, and so forth. you live once! i want to find myself, my strengths and weaknesses. i want to do something that involves crafting and helping people. i hope i can be as inspiration to the people here as they have been to me! thank you :)

  • I’m an educator co- parenting an amazing little boy with my husband, an actor/ writer turned stay at home dad.

  • Hello fellow gypsies, I was so lucky to stumble across this page! I have been at home now for almost 12 months now, and I confess I am itching to be out and about somewhere my eyes have never been… things could of course be worse, so i am counting my blessings…

  • So excited to find your blog. I can’t wait to keep reading. From I’ve seen you are a girl after my own gypsy heart.

  • Barely a few months old i traveled the pacific islands in the arms of my mother, i spent my 12 birthday in england, far from my australian home, and soaked up 6 months discovering europe as an early teenager.
    Wanderlust is not something you stumble across, it’s a desire deeply embeded in your heart amongst the values in which we uphold love, faith,and truth.

    Thankyou for this site, a life of a gypsy has always been a passion of mine, and i hope to use words laced with as much beauty as the bloggers ive found here, to describe the adventures i embark upon in my years to come.

    ‘THAT gypsy girl’

  • So happy to find this blog to read, it’s truly inspirational and thoughtful…I am an English girl with a severe case of wanderlust, currently in New Zealand :)

  • Hi !!!

  • I am highly intrigued by the ideas behind a gypsy. I feel it in my blood. I am happy to be here. Looking forward to the future.

  • Hello, I’m an artist, art therapist and adventurer. I’m currently travelling the world for a year, I’m in Mexico now. You can find me on Twitter as ‘spiralfran’. I’d love to make connection with fellow gypsys.

  • I wanna join the tribe, and revive my gypsy side!
    I am trying to awaken my creative energy, after almost 10 years of ‘lostness’ in the corporate world.

  • Sister traveler here but with deep roots in Appalachia where I have a small horse and sheep farm. Just adopted my fifth dog who is helping the rest of us wade through the grieving process of recently burying Dave, my husband. My blog is about FarmLife, travel, my animals, textile work and the joy of living while planning my next trip.

  • I stumbled upon your blog information in the Somerset Magazine Article. It was a blessing! You chicks rock, and inspire. Shine on!

  • Oh how I would love to be a part of this tribe! It seems like a wonderful and inspiring community!

  • What a beautiful space you have created here! Consider me a part of your tribe! :)

  • HELLO! First I wanna tell you that I stumbled on your website because I Googled MY screen name & email I had since 2003 I truly am an American gypsygirl. I get bored quickly & get up & move on to a different state. I’ve lived pretty much all over this country. I thought about createing a website of my own for. Fellow gypsygirls like myself to share their stories and whatnot But didn’t know how to go about it so I guess you beat me to it! So I would like to join your tribe & commend you. For coming up. With a great website Alex. Thank you.

  • I love the manifesto!! It is very inspiring. I feel priviledged to be able to join this tribe, thank you! I am just starting to venture out on blogging and I appreciate any tips. I love travelling as well, I have lived in different parts of the world and I know I am not quite done finding the perfect spot to live yet :-)
    Peace & Love,

  • Oooh, I’d love to join the tribe! I’m a designer and have recently given up my solid advertising career to indulge in some real art. Spending my time designing and painting for kids, writing and illustrating bed time stories, seeing the world with new eyes and loving every moment of it. :-)

    Love & Light,

  • Finally found my tribe! Thank you!
    I recently left my job to revive my inner gypsy, to look for creativity, love, adventure, and life – I am living in New York City for now, and planning many adventures to come ;)
    So happy to find you all!

  • I need a tribe terribly! This summer will be my own gypsy time- but I’d love to find my kind all over the map to meet with!

  • Yes, a wandering gypsy at heart and a tribal bellydancer/writer in life! Traveling the world dancing…connecting the world one hip at a time… And now with you and all…very exciting!

  • Magical:) I am a gypsy at heart..just moved back to land after living on a boat for five honoring *stillness* for a bit while I allow my next adventure to surface:)

  • a wandering spirit looking for all the adventures in life’s nooks and cranny’s. Happy to find a sweet spot here-

  • I love how many heart warming words are here! I hope to connect with many of you dear souls!

  • Ok, I just love the entire idea of this website. As a college student a while back, I had the opportunity to study abroad extensively. I now have wanderlust. BAD. Thank you for creating this site for all women who like to hit the road.


  • I love this website! I am so happy to have stumbled across it. I look forward to learning from you all :)

  • I am so happy to have found this site. I might be young, but I have always loved to travel and can’t keep my self rooted in one place for too long. It makes me feel at ease to see so many women living their dream to explore. Just by reading all of the stories I am now confident that I can (and will) be able to be fulfilled in my adventuring throughout my life. If you ladies can do it then why can’t I? :)
    have a beautiful day ॐ

  • Hello! I am Alix. I am 27 yr Female from San Antonio TX and I have saved everything I have to go on a road trip alone… Until, I realized there is no place in Austin as a well

  • Soooooo happy to have stumbled on this site!! So excited and happy! And the title could not be any more perfect to sum up all of us ‘creative creatures’. Thank you!!

  • I’ve been looking for a place like this for forever! I’ve always wanted to travel (wander, in other words) and I like to consider myself a hippy-ish free spirit. I suppose it must run in my veins, since both of my parents followed the Grateful Dead around the country in the 80s. I’m so glad that there’s so many women out there who share my love for adventure!

  • Love this site, so happy to be a part of it. I invite you all to connect with me, my links are…
    Blog –
    Facebook – or our shop’s FB
    Pinterest –
    Tumblr –
    Twitter –

  • Just found you guys and so excited to be connecting with you & the tribe! Happy Friday :)

  • I found this website completely by accident and I LOVE it! I love how I feel when I sit and scroll through, like I’m in my own little completely happy universe. I can’t wait to see where this website takes not only myself but all the other gypsy girls worldwide!

  • Accidentally came across this site! Please continue to post amazing things!

  • Glad to find like-minded ladies. Let’s go on an adventure!

  • Excited and glad I discovered this!

  • I’m always under construction and always ready with my passport to discover new places. yoga teacher, graphic designer, and more. always taking the road less travelled.

  • Just stumbled on your site today and I LOVE it! I am preparing to embark on my “trip of a lifetime” which is a recreation of a camping trip I was on with my mom and three of her friends- 50 years ago! Will attempt to recreate the route and sights we visited as I remember them as no one is left alive that was on that trip. Parts of it I remember like it was yesterday and others bits & pieces. I was forced into early retirement as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse almost 2 years ago because of a health problem and have recently purchased a vintage camping pull behind trailer to live in. Will love to share in your site and when my blog is up and running will send you the link!

    Did you ever get the manifesto made into a pdf? I would LOVE to have it to display in my camper!



  • Seriously lovin’ it here! :)

  • cool site…! xox

  • Hi my name is Kara and I have a hippie/bohemian/gypsy/wander soul! I move around to a lot of different places to live , and to grow. Currently I am trying to become a flight attendant to travel for a living. My heart is so desiring to see the world. I am so glad I found this website, because sometimes I struggle with the thoughts that there are not others like me…..

  • Hi! I’m Kat and I’m a simple nature loving bohemian type of girl. Although I do suffer from wanderlust very frequently. I traveled between Ebensburg and Philadelphia, PA while in college and moved to the Akron-Canton area of Ohio to be a Costume Design Assistant in theater. Since moving to Ohio, I met my boyfriend who is a photographer who also has cases of wanderlust as well. We both end up in new places. I have plans to create more independently made fashion designs soon!


  • Hi! Wonderful site, magnificent manifesto, incredible energy! Thanks for creating this unique online community.

    You can read about my adventures as a nomad in France at Chez Babette:

    I’ve always had the ache of wanderlust in my heart. Desired to pick up and start again. Romanticized gypsies and nomads. France is the newest dart on the map. Join me as I navigate my most recent “home.” And search for a place to finally grow roots.

    I am trying to find a permanent “chez moi,” a place, and more importantly, a place within my heart, that I can finally feel comfortable enough to call home.

    What’s this blog about?

    1. Living as an American ex-pat in France

    2. Navigating a culture that is not your own

    3. Finding a home, the meaning of home, the importance of home

    4. Poking fun at cultural stereotypes, myths and beliefs

    5. Recording my adventures and discoveries in L’Hexagone

  • Amazing site!

  • Hello to all what a wonderful site …. Upon exploring the internet I came across this page. I have been trying to get in touch with my inter self. My boys have always said, I am a gypsy at heart. I have always had a drive to wander, never seem content in one place.I hope to figure out what road my next journey shall begin . I have been a single mother of three handsome young men who lost their father at a young age. I now have a empty nest and the me that has been trapped inside is emerging slowly. My sister asks me if I am in a mid- life crisis I simply smile and say no.

  • I am very young and want to start this life because it seems just so beautiful I have been in a hard times my father just passed and I need a new light and this is where i can start twitter:@_corsica instagram:@_corsica

  • Hello all! I’ve always been attracted to anything boho. The last few months or less I’ve noticed I have a gypsy soul. I’ve gone through a lot of changes this past year. I believe with this website, I’ll find my path about how to be truly free.

  • Beautiful site…….Thank you for creating a welcoming place and inviting me to join you & all others as sisters so we may provide each other with inspiration , love , and support while we are here on our journey……….xo

  • Traveling is my passion. I’m young, but well traveled and passionate and live is my game board and i make the rules. I want to be free in the world and explore everywhere. I’m on my way. :)

  • lovely site,ive been looking for a while to travel with gypsies,i have a gypsy soul im positive i was one in a past life it followes me i love dancing with fire hoops,poi,fans,belly dance i write music sing very into the arts my music is very deep ones who read think im a messanger from a higher source i pull my words from the universe thanks for listening my name is amanda

  • Hello Gypsies! I do not have my own blog, but would love to join this tribe. I feel like a true gypsy at heart and would love to find like minded friends.

  • Hey, I just found this site and I love it already. I’m an… urban gypsy, I suppose. I live in a city which I love to explore, especially at night – cities reveal themselves under the moonlight, you know. My friends also call me a tree-hugger. I travel as much as I can, write a lot, study philosophy, history and anthropology, sing, dance and, of course, you can often see me daydreaming.
    I don’t have a personal website but here’s my email address. If you ever make a forum, I would be more than glad to participate. :)

  • Love the site :) I can’t wait to get to know others like me. Ever since I’ve been able I hit the road. I have a bucket list of places and things I haven’t done. But all the places I’ve been show me where I want to go.

  • Hey fellow travellers on the spiral path of life, I have just started a website and blog (not a lot of content just now but am adding to it daily) and am keen to meet fellow soul travellers whatever path you are on. Brightest blessings, Gypsy xxxx

  • Great site and what a wonderful manifesto! Found you by way of TinyDevotions. A true Gypsy by heritage, I’d love to join your community!

  • I love this !!! I would love too join the tribe !

  • I am trying to become more of myself and stop having people shut me down. I just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself. I hope everyone is having a great night/day.

  • Such a magical site & manifesto! How wonderful. Looking forward to connecting with everyone

  • Hello everyone, I am new. I am from Tunisia! :)

  • hi!! so glad I found you all!! my spirit defiantly screams bohemian gypsy!!! glad to be part of these wonderful and enchanting pages

  • love your site! amazing tribe~

  • So glad to find this site…… can I be part of your tribe?

  • seems like such a cool site!

  • Loving your whimsy and wild blog. So happy to join!

  • Hello, Jade is my wiccan name, and I’m really excited I found this site <3

  • This page is beautiful. And the Manifesto is a work of art.
    My name is Nikki. And I live in Oregon, USA.
    I have always been confined to 4 walls, with 2 parents that tell me I “HAVE TO” go to college and find a good job to be successful. But the thing is I don’t waNt to be successful. I want to be happy and free. I want to see the world. I want to be in good company. I want to make friends. I want to sing and dance in the rain, I want to look up and see a sky full of stars instead a sky full of city lights. I WANT TO EXPIERIENCE LIFE WITH A FULL HEART. I dont want to be confined by 4 walls anymore. I want the world to be my play ground. I want to be who I am. I want to be free.

  • I love being a boho chic

  • Loooove your wild blog! I really find my spirit here. Sending u lots of lov from Argentina. Amor y paz a todas! ☆☆

  • I am a: feeler, an empath, an endless creative mind. I do pottery, photography, and a plethora of crafting/diy. I have SOOOO much creative energy and am truly trying to manifest a future in which I can use that energy. That is my happy energy. Rather than a sedentary desk job… I want to be, I want to do. I want to live. Connecting with like minded individuals gives me the energy, the insight, and the bravery to continue my manifesting. Namaste and gratitude my loves.

  • Amazing site, glad to find some gypsy/boho likeminded people. xx

  • Hi there my name is Meredith. And the only gypsy that I know. I was born this way, there’s no desire to ever stay in one place for too long. My boyfriend lives across the country from me and. Next adventure is to try and find a modern gypsy style travel group around Colorado US. That’s our dream.

  • Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I’m a a hippie at heart and a gypsy at soul. This is an amazing blog….definately a blog to be at peace and serenity.

  • Count me in!!

  • This is where I post most of my inspiration. Have always been drawn to this lifestyle and try to incorporate into my life as much as I can.

  • Love seeing that others have the same soul and thoughts as I do. It’s hard living around such conformity. I’m good at change very resilient and loving. Learn from each person you come across, even if it’s so simple you just chuckle. How do I RAISE my daughter to follow dreams of heart if I’m not?

  • So glad to find this tribe! I’ve been looking high and low ever since my last road trip. I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting kicked out of everywhere and then I realized it was because of my trailer. Guess the man doesn’t like a Gypsy Wagon. :(

  • I am a proud gypsy girl, where I’m from everyone hates gypsys so I want to become part of all yous! X

  • did someone say tribe?

  • Hello! I just recently found your sight and I am absolutely in love with both design and content. My name is Laynee and I’m seventeen. Do forgive the blog, its being renovated at the moment.

  • I am so glad I found this tribe I have been looking up and down for a new tribe

  • love this site already.
    I’m new to this but I’ve known in my heart that this is the lifestyle for me. currently struggling with the ways in which to carry this life forward with all the things in my life. advice appreciated ☺️

  • I want desperately to join a tribe…to finally feel at peace with me. Gypsy isn’t in my blood, but it’s in my heart.

  • Hey. I found this site today and was overcome with a sense of homecoming. I am in the extreme southeast corner of Tennessee and am looking for tribe members. Last year threw me for a loop with Empty Nesters and Widowhood both and so I am presently attempting to find my new identity. I love that your site speaks so gently to my wounded soul. Keep up the good work.

  • I am glad that I found this tribe!

  • Joining your tribe! Hunger for guidance!

  • SO happy to find this site. My family always called me a gypsy but I never knew the true meaning until recent….and they were right! I’m hoping to connect with others in CA. travel light!

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