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the birth of a dream

i’m once again sitting at my computer in my bathrobe… a common morning occurrence in this household over the past months.

i am tired. fragile. excited. terrified.
sharing the birth of one of my creative dreams with you here.

a couple of years ago i had the good fortune to attend the squam art workshops.

and, as well as taking incredible classes by andrea jenkinsjen lee and chris frost
and making incredible friends like lisajeaninedarlenekristenvivienneliz and ms squam herself, elizabeth maccrellish
and meeting some of my long-time girl crushes like christine and jen
and being invited to contribute to the squam art journal volume 1
it planted a seed in my mind.

i left filled with joy, ideas, photographs, memories, new friends clasped firmly in my heart. and i also left with longing and a sadness that there is nothing like these glorious workshops available in the southern hemisphere (well not that i could find anyway).

and so the seed grew…

it germinated during a conversation with my dear friend carol when we were last in new zealand. before my logical mind could intervene with “are you CRAZY?” i had shared my dream. and a whole-hearted YES was carol’s response.

since then, this dream has been tended with early morning and late night phone calls. there has been laughter in spades, doubt enough to fill the ocean, tons of emails, texts and ideas volleyed back and forth.

and this past weekend. with hearts on our sleeves, we shared our dream…
new zealand creative retreats.

our first retreat (summer 2012) will be held in a very special place – the riverslea retreat centre in otaki – over 3 nights: from the evening of thursday 01 march until the afternoon of sunday 04 march.

i will be flying back from the uk to facilitate one of the workshops, with the other two being led by carol neilson and katherine quinn.

i am holding on to the hope that people feel called to share this dream with us and that our open invitation is answered.

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leonie wise is a regular contributor to Gypsy Girls Guide; one of the founders of the New Zealand Creative Retreats and one of the inventors of TripWallet –  a way to keep tabs on your holiday spending.