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Swiss Miss

Who could turn down an offer of a free place to stay in a mountain resort town? Not me. What a weekend. One minute you’re in France the next you’re in Switzerland, no border check, no Department of Homeland Insecurity, no nothing. We drove in without even slowing down. We arrived at the gorgeous lakeside apartment to find this view from the balcony.

I know, not bad right? We walked for miles and miles along the shores of Lake Geneva in perfect weather just soaking up the scene. Kids splashed in fountains and rode carousels while backpackers and Paris Hilton wannabes from all over the world joined forces on the boardwalk for the first promenade of the season.

The lake is famous for these beauties and after a spectacular lightning storm the mountains disappeared into the night and all I could see was dozens of white swans gliding over the surface of the black lake with the lights of Montreux twinkling in the distance. It was magical.

In fact the whole place was magical. I spent the whole weekend trying not to throw my neck out from swivel heading at all the things to see.

Even sitting at stop light is an experience in Vevey.

All in all the perfect getaway. So I give thanks to our very kind friends for the gift of this holiday, one I’ll never forget. Tell me, how was your weekend?