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Swiss Miss

Who could turn down an offer of a free place to stay in a mountain resort town? Not me. What a weekend. One minute you’re in France the next you’re in Switzerland, no border check, no Department of Homeland Insecurity, no nothing. We drove in without even slowing down. We arrived at the gorgeous lakeside apartment to find this view from the balcony.

I know, not bad right? We walked for miles and miles along the shores of Lake Geneva in perfect weather just soaking up the scene. Kids splashed in fountains and rode carousels while backpackers and Paris Hilton wannabes from all over the world joined forces on the boardwalk for the first promenade of the season.

The lake is famous for these beauties and after a spectacular lightning storm the mountains disappeared into the night and all I could see was dozens of white swans gliding over the surface of the black lake with the lights of Montreux twinkling in the distance. It was magical.

In fact the whole place was magical. I spent the whole weekend trying not to throw my neck out from swivel heading at all the things to see.

Even sitting at stop light is an experience in Vevey.

All in all the perfect getaway. So I give thanks to our very kind friends for the gift of this holiday, one I’ll never forget. Tell me, how was your weekend?

A Mother’s Love Changes the World

Some time in 1999 a little boy decided to call me, “Mom.” I wasn’t sure it was a good idea; he had a biological Mother. I was going to marry his Father, though. The marriage was the Little Guy’s idea; he claimed me as his own.

From the start I loved him with a tenderness and fierceness I didn’t know I possessed. Both our worlds were completely rearranged by the Mother-Child bond.

This Mother’s Day I’d like to join Marianne‘s salute to the women of EpicChange‘s To Mama With Love campaign and ask you to do whatever you can to support their work.

I’m asking though Marianne has already introduced them because I know Renu, Maggie & Mama Lucy personally and can tell you without reservation that together they are full of that tender and fierce Mama love for countless children to whom they did not give birth. They dry their tears, kiss their boo boos, stand firm for their potential and education.  To be in a room with all three of them is like sweetness and power catching fire.

They have fueled my passion for my life’s work. With women like these we can solve the world’s greatest challenges. They are Mamas each doing more than their fair share to ensure that their communities are safer, better places. They’re addressing the social struggles facing their societies head on, right now, with fierce Mama love.

The respect I have for these women is overwhelming. I know what it takes to be Mom to one young boy. They are Mamas feeding, clothing, educating and keeping safe hundreds of children every day. This Mother’s Day my heart goes out to you Maggie, Renu & Mama Lucy.  I am honored and overjoyed to know you. Thank you for who you are and what you do in the world. When I hit publish on this post I am heading to To Mama With Love to honor with my pledge the great work you do and the loving lives you lead. Please know that every cent we send your way is filled with Mama Love.

Happy Mother’s Day out there to all you Mamas… those who’ve given birth and those who’ve loved with all your hearts.

Rebecca‘s on a mad round-the-world journey. In between stops, she blogs at XpatAdventures.

stay present to your wonder

We need those things in our lives that are not for anyone else, those things that make no sense whatsoever in terms of practicality, but that please us.

We need them to balance out the endless pursuit of “purpose” and “balance.” We need them because we need something in life that connects us to a sense of wonder and something to be explored.

I don’t often have a lot of time to travel–when it does happen, it happens in short bursts, such as a day trip, or in one big burst such as a summer or a month spent in Italy. I read travel blogs with some longing, because the vagabond lifestyle has always appealed to me.

In reality, however? I’m a homebody at heart. I like to travel while having a home base, some place where I can relax my body into a familiar mattress.

Please note: I have resisted this truth for a really, really long time. The image of the wayward traveler who’s always wandering from place to place, having new experiences and living life fully (more fully than me, my inner critic will say when I’m feeling triggered and prone to comparisons) tugs at me. I have phases each year where I want to sell everything and live out of a backpack.

Then I travel, and I’m reminded of what it really means to live out of a backpack: smelly clothing, cigarette smoke you cannot avoid until your sinuses clog and you get a headache, hours spent waiting in train stations, battered feet, mosquitoes coming into the room but no ability to ask for mosquito repellent in the local language.

All worth it? For some people, every single moment is one of joy, and they would look at me in arrogant distaste for not having a thicker skin for travel. For me? I can handle all of these discomforts in measure, and then some moment comes to me in which I realize that I want the comforts of home.

Finally, I am allowing this to be okay. I’m allowing myself to let go of the internal criticism that this boring, or that life is passing me by and meanwhile I’m not seeing half the world that I want to see. I see it as a practice of the middle way, of not going to extremes (with those extremes being “you are a vagabond” and “your life is utterly boring and without meaning”).

To make up for the the time between my trips and travels, I practice something that I call “staying present to wonder.” It looks something like this: When things have become far too stultifying within the routines of my daily life, I pack an “adventure bag” (Check out this Flickr tutorial on creating your own ) and then head out for the open road: no agenda. 9 times out of 10, my partner in crime, Andy Rado, is with me. The agenda? To have no agenda whatsoever. It is without an agenda that a true “Adventure day” can take shape in its own perfect way.

Last Saturday, our day looked like this: Take public transit into the city of San Francisco. Have a cappuccino and almond biscotti, outdoors, enjoying the early summer weather (75 degrees! sunshine!). Walking around the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, visiting the familiar pieces as if they are old friends, ending as always with “my painting,” Femme Au Chapeau by Matisse, marveling as I always do that he created such a masterpiece. Then–impromptu cable car ride from downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf! A family from Australia was traveling through. Their twin girls kept switching who was standing on the edge of the cable car, keeping things egalitarian. “Don’t lean far off of the cable car into the other lane of traffic,” the operator yelled, “or you’ll get a headache, if you know what I mean.” And then–impromptu hot chocolate at Ghirardelli Square. The whipped cream was heavy, as were the tourists loaded down with bags and chocolate sundaes. We walked down to the wharf and watched the waves come in while we drank hot chocolate and watched people swimming in the Bay. Later, we took another bus back to downtown and eavesdropped on the conversations of those around us as the bus jerked its way up and down hills (the driver was a heavy breaker).

We’ve done all of this before, of course–visited these sights and seen these places. Yet because the day had no agenda, all of it felt ripe, and new.

I know that so many people are just now coming out of the most difficult winter they’ve had in years–the snow has been heavy, the temperatures have been cold. Maybe you don’t live in San Francisco so you believe there’s less to do, and maybe you don’t have a lot of money.

Nonetheless, I invite you to take it on as your duty to cultivate a sense of wonder at the world around you. I invite you to photograph that snow from fifteen different angles as it melts. Download yoga classes online and create a studio in your own living room. Go online and learn a new language for free, and then practice with others. Look up news channels in other languages and just listen to the sounds of a foreign tongue (for instance, you can go to to see Italian news programs). Take a dance class for cheap at your local community college. If you always drive, find some way to take public transit. If you always take public transit, borrow someone’s car. Record your experiences.

Stay present to your wonder, experiencing the world as it was meant to be experienced: each moment fresh, new, alive.

Kate Swoboda is a Life Coach, teacher and writer who works with women from around the world who are interested in living lives of courage, integrity, passion, and power. She’s the author of the Courageous Living Guides and creator of the Courageous Play and Create Stillness retreats. She’s excited about learning languages, reading as many books as she can, getting bendy-stretchy on the yoga mat, the quest for the next amazing chai latte, and running.