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Set Yourself to Music

Dear Gypsy Girls. Bobbi and Roxanne and Jeanine’s posts this week make me proud to be here as part of this tribe. Beauty and brilliance abound. You are delightful.

Back in January I shared with you that my life is in transition, and that “How?” is not the right question for beginning major life transitions. Sometimes how is just logistics and hearing your soul’s own call is what’s more important. After the Dreaming on Pinterest, looking at every domain of life, battling the “Yeah, buts” that inevitably arise… then what?

Then life gets simple and very, very clear. Mine is made up of quiet moments with a sweet, old dog in the forest near home.

It’s made sweeter by flying across the Atlantic to join my Dad rooting for a football team he loves.

It’s spent working with leaders the world over who take time to thank me at day’s end. It’s full of laughter and communion in conversation with dear, long-time friends. It’s brimming with¬†comfort knowing that this, right here, every day, is enough.

A friend said to me recently, “I’m not sure what you’re searching for: A partner? Financial stability? A permanent home?”

“Yes!” is my answer to all those questions. In the meantime I practice. I practice resilience and gratitude, resourcefulness and joy. I try to make a contribution and live my own, unique Adventure.

It seems to me there’s a delicate balance to strike between making things happen and letting things be, letting it rip and taking it easy, wandering these winding roads and cozying up at home, following our every wild whim and sharing our lives with others.

The way each one of us does that is an art form all its own. Oscar Wilde said:

“Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets.”

What are you composing? Are you living your Adventure?

Rebecca travels globally pretty much non-stop and has a small apartment outside Zurich, Switzerland.