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postcards, an invitation and a giveaway

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since being in England, it’s that a conversation about the weather – with people I know AND with strangers – often results in the most earnest discussions. It’s too hot or too cold. I wish the rain would stop, the clouds would part, the sun wouldn’t be quite¬†so hot, the wind would die down just a little so my umbrella would stop turning itself inside out. It’s kinda like New Zealand in some respects. Wear a dress, but pack a scarf. Leave the house with sunglasses on, clutching an umbrella in one hand…

The morning sun becomes my prayer. At least two cameras travel with me every time I leave the house.
I chase the light. Explore. Slow down. Stop. Look. SEE.

columbia road flower market

the library in the charles dickens museum

charles dickens chair – daily news offices, 1840

baby deer, richmond park

street art, brick lane


I have the lovely Jeanine staying with me at the moment, fresh off the boat from Canada. We invite you to provide us with a couple of ideas for a collaboration. Give us a word, or a phrase, or perhaps a place in London that you’d like us to photograph and, for the next two weeks, we’ll post them here.


The iPhone app that I have posted here about previously – called¬†TripWallet – is selling marvellousely all over the world. Thanks so much to those of you who provided feedback on it from the last copies I gave away. For all you iPhone users that are reading, I’d like to give five more copies away. Just leave a comment with an idea for a collaboration (or just a comment about anything really) and I’ll choose 5 of you at random to send the codes to.


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