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A Mother’s Love Changes the World

Some time in 1999 a little boy decided to call me, “Mom.” I wasn’t sure it was a good idea; he had a biological Mother. I was going to marry his Father, though. The marriage was the Little Guy’s idea; he claimed me as his own.

From the start I loved him with a tenderness and fierceness I didn’t know I possessed. Both our worlds were completely rearranged by the Mother-Child bond.

This Mother’s Day I’d like to join Marianne‘s salute to the women of EpicChange‘s To Mama With Love campaign and ask you to do whatever you can to support their work.

I’m asking though Marianne has already introduced them because I know Renu, Maggie & Mama Lucy personally and can tell you without reservation that together they are full of that tender and fierce Mama love for countless children to whom they did not give birth. They dry their tears, kiss their boo boos, stand firm for their potential and education.  To be in a room with all three of them is like sweetness and power catching fire.

They have fueled my passion for my life’s work. With women like these we can solve the world’s greatest challenges. They are Mamas each doing more than their fair share to ensure that their communities are safer, better places. They’re addressing the social struggles facing their societies head on, right now, with fierce Mama love.

The respect I have for these women is overwhelming. I know what it takes to be Mom to one young boy. They are Mamas feeding, clothing, educating and keeping safe hundreds of children every day. This Mother’s Day my heart goes out to you Maggie, Renu & Mama Lucy.  I am honored and overjoyed to know you. Thank you for who you are and what you do in the world. When I hit publish on this post I am heading to To Mama With Love to honor with my pledge the great work you do and the loving lives you lead. Please know that every cent we send your way is filled with Mama Love.

Happy Mother’s Day out there to all you Mamas… those who’ve given birth and those who’ve loved with all your hearts.

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