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After dark – Postcards from Istanbul

The sun has recently set. It’s hot and neither of us are tired.
From our hotel’s roof terrace, we can see the minaret’s of Sultan Ahmet (the blue mosque).

Deciding to venture out for a walk to see what it looks like after dark, we head towards Sultan Ahmet square, arriving to discover it is crammed full of people.

It’s Ramadan, and in the evenings, the swathes of tourists that cover this area during the day are outnumbered by the locals. It looks like everyone is out and almost every available piece of grass, every picnic table, every place to lean is taken. There’s a party atmosphere about the place and we are delighted to be a part of it.

Food vendors are selling hot corn on the cob and roasted nuts. Those, I can find in other places of the world.

But, hello! What are these guys doing?

Their hands are moving so quickly that it’s all a bit of a blur until they are done and hand the finished product over to a customer.

They’re twirling fruit-flavoured, multi-hued toffee on to a stick. They did tell me what it’s called, but I really can’t remember it. Besides, it’s far too pretty to watch to be stopping to make any kind of notes.

Yes, I have to try one.
It is warm. And sticky… but not like normal stick-to-my-teeth-and-the-roof-of-my-mouth sticky.
It is fruity, but not as sweet as I imagine it to be.

It is an amazing discovery.


Where have you been and what have you discovered recently gypsies?


Leonie Wise is a regular contributor to Gypsy Girls Guide