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An ode to collaboration

I’m so excited to share with you these pages featuring an article I wrote and curated for Somerset Life Magazine!

Click on images to see bigger :)

The article highlights my collaboration project here at “Gypsy Girls Guide”, and how the community I built online over the years stepped up to post and share here on the blog, while I take a break to settle into the new journey of motherhood. (If you are one of the lovely women who posted here in the last year, please know that you have my deepest appreciation!)

The article features photography by myself and some of my talented online/ life pals, who are amazing photographers with gypsy hearts and regular contributors here: our homegirl Jeanine Caron (a Montreal girl in London, who is a mighty good writer in addition to being a captivating photographer), Amanda Gilligan (a Sydney girl in Vancouver, who is a film fanatic and Polaroid guru), our beloved Leonie Wise (a girl from New Zealand traveling the world, who is a poetic shooter and cook extraordinaire), Fernanda Montoro (a Polaroid genius from Uruguay) and Jena Ardell (a road tripper and retro goddess from LA). In addition, the article features a shot of my bohemian friend and former contributor, Denise Andrade (by Deb Schwedhelm), as well as travel journal pages by my good friend and gypsy contributor, Christine Mason Miller.

All of our amazing regular contributors are also featured on the article with their bios, which makes me so happy, because I cannot think of a better way to express my gratitude for all they do here, than to share their stories with a larger audience! (Thank you, ladies!)

This was my second time working with Stampington, and once again a great pleasure! Big thanks to my editor Jennifer Jackson and the lovely Editor in Chief and Dir of Publishing, Christen Oliverez.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Now go grab a copy of your own to read the article and soak in all the beautiful colors ;)