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The things that call

Majestic and Graceful

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Six months. Half a year. Approximately 182 days, give or take a half.

I didn’t track the hours.

That’s how long I spent on my latest project, The Coaching Blueprint.

300+ pages.

12 interviews.

35+ videos, in total.

That’s how long the e-program ended up being–well past my projections of around 200 pages and 20 videos.


$1200 for a new Mac (the old one was great, but slower than molasses in January when it came to video editing).

$6,000 in school loans for graduate school accepted, and then returned (when I realized that my interests in launching The Blueprint were greater than taking on classes).

$10 increased monthly fees for AWeber, when my subscriber list jumped.

That’s the exchange of dollars and cents.

Missed phone calls:

— with dad

— with mom

— with my sister


A few coffee and dinner dates with friends who live locally, who know me well enough to know that I get obsessive when I disappear into work and must be commanded forth.

Then there were the things that called for me to let go:

— regular laundry

— regularly vacuuming cat hair off of the carpet

— regular yoga

— regular meditation

— regular one-on-one coaching sessions

— starting graduate school

— cooking that involves more than a can opener

and the things that I was happy to let go of:

Saying yes to everything; guilt over not practicing more yoga or making more space for meditation; compartmentalizing aspects of my life; the house that felt energetically stuck.

Things I’m still working on letting go of:

Pushing against what-is; the habit of eating soup because it’s handy and easy; blame; resentment; pressure; to-do lists; the attachment to my cat, Poppy, who died in August.

I’m letting go of this so that I can invite in:

More presence and stillness; spaciousness; grace; ease; rest; rejuvenation; planning; moving; wonder; curiosity; wonder; exploration; the kind of movement that flows.

What are you…investing your time in? Spending your money on? Missing? Managing? Letting Go of? Working on letting go of? Inviting in?


Kate Swoboda is a Life Coach, speaker and writer who supports change-makers to clarify, build, and live their big visions. She’s the author of the Courageous Living Guides and creator of the Courageous Play and Create Stillness retreats. In the Fall of 2011, she’ll debut The Coaching Blueprint. She’s excited about learning languages, reading as many books as she can, getting bendy-stretchy on the yoga mat, the quest for the next amazing chai latte, and running.