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the gift of it

choose joy

the gift of it

hold the heart of it,
beating, swiftly; like

a young robin, cupped
in the palm of your

steal the smell
of it, like hot buttered
toast, waiting for jam.

live deeply, swim with
it, dive into the deep
parts of it; hold your

feel your lungs call for air.

force all the sound from it –
the body can sing with much more
than just words.

gently submit to it,
passionately embrace
all of it,
wickedly revel in it,
quietly explore new
parts of it,

laughingly see
joy in it;

with all of

you, be in it,
this gift,

this, your life.

© Leonie Wise (from the self-published book of photos and poetry All of a Sudden)


Leonie Wise is a regular contributor to Gypsy Girls Guide