Dusk: A Magical Moment

Dusk Mosaic*

dusk1    [duhsk]

  1. the state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight.
  2. partial darkness; shade; gloom: She was barely visible in the dusk of the room.

darkness, evening, gloaming, nightfall, sundown, sunset, twilight

I have always thought dusk was a most magical moment at the end of any day. There is brief time, a quick moment, when all the whites brighten and glow, as the darkness begins to creep in, like fingers of fog coming over the hills from the ocean. It has always been my favourite time of day:

As children, on a summer night we would be out with our neighbourhood gang of kids, playing tag, or hide and seek, and there was always that moment where we all seemed to glow in our summer whites, for just a second, before it became almost impossible to see each other.

And when at my grandparents house, we would sit out on the grass, and wait for that twilight moment, and then watch the bats streaming out from the eaves of the barn. Such a thrill so see them flying like a black ribbon twisting and fluttering against a periwinkle sky.

Scotland in summer, one of my very favourite times and places: where the gloaming lasted for 3 or 4 hours, the full darkness of night never quite arriving, before the sun would start coming back up for another gloriously long 20 hour day of light. Scotland, a land where fairies and elves, and mischievious pixies, still live large in most people’s minds, and why not, when the dusky light lasts so very long on a summers evening.

These dusk-y moments recall to me times of magic, times of wonder and imagination.
The dusk at the end of a day feels like a moment out of time,
a moment when anything could happen,
a moment when all the darks and lights of the world are polarised,
and you see things in a way, differently,
less focused, more internally.

The soft light at the end of the day envelops us in a beautiful cocoon of beauty, of calm, of safety, and most of all, mystery: for at this moment, I have always felt that we are able to see the world in all it’s beautiful allegory: its myths, symbols, and legends. All the mysteries and tales that seem so far away and unbelievable during the daylight hours, and sometimes all too frightening in the deep dark of a night, are made glowing and beautiful.

Sitting on the porch last night, writing, I was wrapped in that beautiful evening light, and remembered all the reasons that I love this moment at the end of the day. The page in front of me glowed and shone, and I kept writing until I could no longer see the page or my marks on it. Night took over for the dusk, and sent me off to dreaming of things that might be, that could be, that hover at the edge of our vision, for such brief moments everyday.

*Links to Flickr Artist’s Work for the Dusk Mosaic:
1. dusk, 2. Alone at Dusk, 3. .after dusk., 4. Dusk, 5. At The Dusk, 6. the dim light of dusk #2, 7. Wagon puller, 8. Dusk in the Burg 729, 9. summer dusk, 10. Au crépuscule d’un jour / At the dusk of a day, 11. Dusk in Jemma El Fna, Marrakech, 12. Lights in Washington Square Park at Dusk, 13. Dusk in Towanda., 14. Boardwalk at Dusk, 15. a mellow dusk 甘美な夕暮れ, 16. Dusk and the boy

Liz Kalloch is a regular contributor to Gypsy Girl’s Guide.

  • Dusk, twilight, even the words make me sigh … this has always been such a special time for me, too! Thanks for the beautiful images and lovely memories.

  • These pictures are so gorgeous, and make me think of the moments right before dusk, when the sinking sun spreads a soft, golden light all over everything.

  • What an enchanted, magical post. The sun is high in the afternoon sky right now, but I could get lost in these images and words until everything around me is pink again. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  • I agree, the photos and your words paint a beautiful poetic picture. Lovely writing and images, reminding me of all the happy, enchanted moments spent in twilight.

  • Wow! your photo’s are amazing..they send invisible fingers up my spine! Your words draw the scene and the atmosphere that holds it all together. Although I’ve been travelling for 8 months now, on this trip I’ve not really given that time that kudos it deserves. Your post reminded me of two weeks spent sailing the Whitsundays on a yacht in Oz all over again. Every sunset and sunrise had me waiting for it. Also, when I travelled to Uluru, the sun would paint orange highlights on the kangaroos in motion and make termite mounds look like golden temples. Thank you for reminded me of the magic of the sun! I hope it always inspires you.

  • A fantastic collection of images from flickr to accompany your lovely words. I love the early evening myself, when the birds strike up their evensong, then fall quiet as the sun slips below the horizon. When the light is so beautiful I could cry.

    I’ve just spent the weekend in Scotland. Not with long evenings as you describe, though beautiful nonetheless, and will be writing about it here shortly :)

  • My fav. is the bench under the trees

  • My favorite time of day.

  • i love dusk too!!! your last sentence gave me chills! xo

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