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unfinished business

is there somewhere you’ve been that feels incomplete? like you didn’t quite get the chance to explore a place as much as you’d like?

there’s a tiny corner of scotland that was like that for me… up in the highlands, i’d heard rumours of beautiful pink sand beaches. wild, craggy coastlines and tiny villages… crofts dotted across the landscape  – one of which john lennon spent his boyhood summers in.

last year, we took a trip to the highlands, travelling around in an old vw campervan called florence. we realised early on that there was no way she was going to take us to all the places we wanted to go, being that top speed was about 38 miles an hour (downhill with a tail wind)!

so we had to cut our trip short. missing out the most north-westerly community in mainland Britain at Cape Wrath and Durness [map].

…and the trip felt incomplete.

easter weekend (this weekend just been) we made the long trek north once more. this time aboard the caledonian sleeper train; london to inverness overnight. i think our cabin was the tiniest ‘hotel’ room i’ve ever stayed in! and the corridor was so narrow that my beloved had to turn sideways to fit through as his shoulders are very broad!

there’s something very magical about going to sleep in one place and waking up in another; watching the countryside whizz by, the sun peeking over the hills.

surrounded by moorland hills, racing mountain streams, peat bogs and sandy coves, this is nature at it’s unpredictable best.

we would wake in the mornings to low cloud, chill winds and drizzle, only to have the clouds part and the sun burst through later in the day, returning to grey at the end.

but with landscape like this to behold

and beaches like this……..

sango sands beach

we would explore during the mornings, wrapped up warmly for the cold, wandering the beaches and coastlines, returning to the warmth of our accommodation in the afternoon for a hot shower and a wee dram of whisky beside the crackling fire.

i couldn’t help but fall in love with the place.

is there anywhere you’ve been that you’d like to return to?


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