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unexpected break

Hello sweet gypsy tribe ~

 Today I am not writing to you from an island or exotic remote village. In fact I’m the furthest I’ve ever been from that kind of life. I’m sitting at hospital room, where my 9 week old daughter is receiving treatment for an unusual and unexplained infection. We are doing okay, but since this is a very hard time for us, I decided to pause the posting until at least the end of this week (when we will hopefully be back home). I’m really sorry about this interruption, but I think it is more important for me to be REAL with you right now. My heart is asking for a break from everything, just so I can be fully present where I am needed most.  In the meantime, you might want poke around the archives or catch up on some recent posts… We’ve had so many inspiring guests over here, that I am sure you’ll find something inspiring to read and explore. The guide will be back to regular posting very soon.