Moroccan Journey


Hi gypsy friends ~

I’m busy adding the final touches to the new Gypsy Girls Guide blog design, picking up my mom who arrives today from Brazil, and… let’s be frank, doing last minute laundry and packing for the hospital. The least glamorous, but still…I wanted to pop here real quick to share that the new Free People catalog is out and it is everything dreamy! Have I mentioned it is my dream to shoot one of their catalogs someday? Well, there you have it. I so would love that. They did a pretty good job on this last one. The early Fall collection is looking amazing! And besides, you can’t go wrong with Morocco as your location after all….

So while I get my “you know what” together, enjoy this exotic journey courtesy of FP. :)


  • ~~~Waving Hello from the Southern Hemisphere~~~
    I saw your site´s name today and had to come as my (red) laptop is called Gypsy Girl too, so I knew I´d have a great time here with a kindred spirit. :D
    Enjoy your mom´s stay. :)

  • Awww how wonderful your Mom will be there for the birth of your daughter!!! Enjoy her company and my fingers are crossed that you get to shoot the FP catalog one day. Beijos bonita!

  • It is my dream to shoot a catalog too!, for Free People, Anthropologie, or something like them.

  • you know what they say, dream it & you can achieve it :)

  • I just found your blog today and its so gorgeous, I cant wait to read more.

    Best of luck for your baby’s arrival! How exciting!

  • Oh my, GGG is even more beautiful than ever! I love, love, love it. xx

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