How Will You Walk Into Your Birthday?

Hello Gypsy Girls!

Last year, when I turned 40, I created a 4-part daily practice of moving, reflecting, playing and connecting.

This year, inspired by How to Be Productive: Stop Working, I’ve decided to walk into my first 41 days of being 41 with 30-minutes of daily walking, starting on my b-day, August 19th. The biggest challenge, I think, will be making the time to do it!

Tell me fellow gypsies, what rituals do you use to celebrate your birthdays? I’d love to hear your suggestions on how you make time to do whatever it is that nourishes you.

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  • Long time reader but never commented before. I started a new ritual about 5 years back – I celebrate the people I love on my birthday. Buy a little gift for my girlfriend, write a love letter to my boyfriend, draw a little painting, babysit for my best friend so she can enjoy a date with her husband…because honestly when I think about celebrating my birthday, I really am celebrating the people who helped me reach this milestone, am I not?

  • walking sounds lovely…especially if you have trails like that! every year on my birthday i take myself either to breakfast or lunch, alone with my journal in hand. i reflect on the past year and journal about where i’m at, and my intentions for the new year. my birthday is at the beginning of january so it’s a nice time for this. and i almost always schedule a massge that day. then i like to balance the day with a fun celebration with my friends and family.

    happy birthday to you!

  • I think taking a wonderful walk into Mother Earths wonderland is a great way to go in on your birthday. One thing i love to do and made it into a tradtion is when it turns 12:00 am on my birthday i play a song that i pick the day before as my lucky song. Each year it is something different. Kinda like a soundtrack to ones life. Happy Birthday! Hope it is a wonderful.

  • I’m loving hearing about everyone’s birthday rituals. It’s giving me lots of ideas for next year. Thank you for sharing them!

  • in late September, I will begin my 62nd year, first I thank the great creator for keeping me on this amazing earth, then I give myself a pep talk, review how far along I’ve come this past year, and promise myself to be more creative, less judgemental, build on these two pillars of good health, good food and exercise, I aim to let go of things and ways of thinking that no longer serve me and finally, I indulge with LUSH soaps and fabulous bath rituals, spend time with my extended family and give gifts to those I love, it is the nicest feeling to give someone a present on your birthday, they don’t expect that and their delight in receiving makes me feel like Santa.

  • Well for me walking would be an advocate in steps in nourishing the mind/body and the soul. But with our hectic schedules I think that these activity can give us our daily advocacy for the well being of our selves.

    Carmela Lee from Tapis rond 

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