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Week 28!

Dear baby girl,
I can hardly believe that we’ve been together for 7 months already. Over the last few weeks we’ve been very busy house hunting, planning photo shoots, revamping websites, researching baby stuff, working, seeing friends, etc. You are such great company and I cannot thank you enough for putting up with me and all the busyness I create around us! For one thing, life is full and we cannot complain!
At 28 weeks I still feel absolutely great although definitely a bit heavier, so the doctor cut us off from ice-cream & chocolate (sorry! girl!). But other than that, it is pure bliss to have you in there. I’m still super inspired and energized. Besides, over the last months you’ve taught me so much, the most important thing being lessons on how to let go. You make it so easy for me to be gentler with myself. You’ve given me permission to take slow walks instead of power walks, you showed me the joy in a prenatal yoga class versus the sweaty ashtanga, you’ve allowed me to take more naps, push some deadlines, listen to my body more, and to just fall gracefully into a very mellow pace, without feeling guilty.
As you grow and my belly expands, you also have this magic way of making everyone that comes in contact with me, be more generous and kind. I often wonder… What is it that makes people smile at pregnant women for no reason? I get so many smiles lately! And so many offers of help! Even the grumpiest people are nice to me now. I think it must be that they can sense new life, and new life has the power to envelop us in a mysterious happy energy that is contagious! New life is also the pure definition of possibility and potential, which also makes me wonder why then there are so many books and remarks about all the negative aspects of becoming a parent. I seriously feel like writing the underdog book featuring all the great things about motherhood. I just want you to know that I feel totally comfortable in this path now. And honestly, for no other reason than the fact that you move me, you change me for the better every single day already, so I can only imagine how great a lifetime with you will be like. Thank you for choosing me/ us to bring you into this world.
ps; Your dad is completely crazy about you. He cannot get over how big my belly is these days! He hugs and kisses you madly. He also painted your nursery with so much dedication and excitement. You are so so loved!