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Dear baby,
It’s been already fifteen weeks since you’ve started growing inside my belly. But would you believe me if I told you that I knew you were there since the very first day? Yep. Somehow I always knew. I told your dad on the very first day (or the day after), but he laughed it off, of course. So remember this: your momma does have a strong intuition. A couple more weeks went by and l could tell things were different… I was having crazy dreams and also feeling an unusual thirst. Then right at week#4, I decided to take the pregnancy test to confirm my suspicion, and sure enough, I was right. It was a great moment to see the stick turn blue. Your dad was with me and we both stared at the blue lines for a long while, letting the news sync in. Just like that, our dream had come true.
The following weeks we embarked on a journey of reading dozens of baby books and trying to catch up with all sorts of information. I also started feeling really tired and sleepy, so the three of us spent several days just resting, reading, nesting and hiding from the holiday buzz. This phase was hard in a way, because we wanted to tell the entire world about you, but we felt like protecting our wee family as well. We decided to savor those moments just between us, your grandparents and a few good friends that are like family to us. Everyone was so excited to hear about you! You were loved from the very first moments of your life.
As of week# 12, I got some of my energy back and saw you waving at me during the 1st nuchal ultrasound. That was one of the best moments ever. I must confess that I let a few tears roll when I saw how perfect you already were in all your 2″ of glory. That week we broke the news to the world on facebook and it was a total lovefest. You were thoroughly celebrated!
I truly love being pregnant and we just keep falling in love with you, week after week, more and more. Your dad kisses my belly and talks to you all the time. I try to take care of myself with regular walks and yummy nutritious food. Your favorite treat must be our morning fruit shakes, because I wake up craving them everyday. Other than that, you don’t make me have any weird cravings yet, but you sure made me loose all the enthusiasm for Indian food, which I usually love. I don’t mind it though. I am actually very happy to be eating what feels good to you and I’ve also been okay with avoiding my beloved caffeinated beverages and red wine. There will be lots of time to enjoy those. Right now I really can only think about doing what nurtures us and is best for you.
This first picture was taken in the Mission District at the end of week#15, here in San Francisco where we live. I decided to document the belly growth by showing you week by week, the colorful life you will be born into. Keep up with the good work in there. We love you so much.

Indeed I have been quiet, dear readers. But as you can see, my words for 2010 were “Nurture” & “Grow”… And little I knew it was going to be so right on! The idea was to nurture what really matters, nurture myself, my family, my home, grow my portfolio as a photographer, grow my community, grow spiritually, etc… All that and now what is really showing already: THE MIGHTY BELLY.
So I am back to the blog. This week I’ll elaborate more on what’s been going on in my life and in my head. The point is…
I’m here now and I’ve missed you.