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Time and Landmarks

London, Jan 1990 – Nov 2009.
You see, London was the first foreign place the gypsy girl ever went to, outside her mother country, Brazil. London was a dream, a gateway for this Brazilian girl who dreamed of being a Royal Academy ballerina. In fact, she had spent many many days of her young life practicing classical ballet, performing yearly, in front of English examiners from the Royal Academy, who would carefully watch and grade her posture and grace. The ballerina girl lived for ballet. Her days were filled with ‘plies’ and ‘pirouettes’, ballet classes to live piano and ballet videos such as “Giselle” and “La Fille mal Gardee” (which she watched over and over)… She liked to draw and journal as well. She had folders and folders filled with drawings and photos of elaborate sets and skinny ladies striking a pose in their pointe shoes. Yes. She was already a romantic and a dreamer back then. So one day, her parents decided to pull together all their savings and buy her a plane ticket, so she could be there finally: In London, where she believed ballets could be seen every single day.
Fast-forward 20 years. So much happened.
I think of London as the Landmark for where the ‘ballerina girl’ life ended and the ‘adventure girl’ life began. From there on, the ‘adventure girl’ set out to study Art and she also began to explore travel. She got a masters degree in Fine Arts (and another in Daydreaming!), visited over 30 countries,made a career as a Film producer and married the man of her dreams. My God. If she only knew it back then, it wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting! She dreamed, she was fearless, she followed her gut. I’m so proud of that girl. She created something she could not even have imagined herself.
Sometimes I forget I know that girl and can learn from her. Also, somehow I don’t think it is a coincidence that this year, the year in which I decided to reinvent myself as a photographer, happens to be the year that I went back to London. You may ask what I saw and what I did there. The answer is none of that is relevant. Not really. I had a good time. But truly, what comes to mind is that I went back there to see the ‘adventure girl’ once again. I needed to meet her for lunch in Covent Garden and have a chat with her. See her bright sparkly eyes and feed off her energy, her intuition, her bravery. Now I think I am ready to keep on going.
And you? Can you think of any time or landmarks in your life that can teach you something about yourself that you’ve forgotten? We hold so many stories within the gaps… Find something heart warming and worth honoring about your life today.