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On work and other beautiful things…

More Plum Pretty Sugar Fall, Sept 09. Photography by moi :) Alessandra de Souza
It’s about time I checked back here with some overdue updates about life, work and other beautiful things… Don’t you think? :)
I’m so excited about my collaboration with Plum Pretty Sugar! Working with Charlotte Mills has been such a pleasure and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. In the next couple of days I’ll be delivering all the images I shot for her and I’m looking forward to seeing where they may land: website, catalog, blogs, etc. The first round of images got such great press, and I would love for you to check out the wonderful sites who featured my work (even though was just a sneak preview!): Katie Did, Decorate and Renovate, Lovely Clusters, Bloomacious, Daily Obsession, Coco Kelley, Burke Decor and Polyvore! Oh shucks ;) Thanks, guys! Did I miss anyone? Please do let me know if you’ve featured my work and you are not listed here. Or if you’ve seen my work anywhere else that I haven’t mentioned. I’d love to reciprocate the press :) Really! My heart is so full and there is nothing more gratifying to me than seeing your response to my snaps. I LOVE my job and each day I wake up wanting to shoot more more and more and learn more more and more. Ah. It feels that good, I swear.
On other news, I have also taken a short term gig as an interim visual effects producer for a big motion picture. Yep. It’s been a very illuminating experience to go back to my old day job as a producer in the film industry, after spending 8 months solely dedicated to my Photography. I’m now approaching my last week at the gig, and I must say, although it’s been fun, it’s also been somewhat of a challenging change of pace for me. Truth is I am soooo into my new life as a Photographer that it has become almost impossible to sit and focus at the office for 6 weeks, while putting projects and ideas that come from my core on hold. It hurts, actually. Working for yourself does feel very different because you are invested in a much MUCH bigger way. Also, I feel like I need to share with you how powerful it has been to channel all my energies to one thing (up until this job) and how splitting my focus has slowed things down for me significantly. And I don’t mean that things slowed down because I have less time to devote to my personal projects, but that the momentum was interrupted because of how energy got blocked inside me, versus how it used to just flow through me in the earlier months of this year. Of course, when the finances are tight, that may be the only option… But I urge you (and me) to look beyond the bank account and try to manifest income while staying on course. If I can be blunt and honest: I manifested this producing gig. I started to mope about finances and started to project this job offer, until… surprise surprise, it came to me. What I’m wondering though is what if I had visualized more paid gigs in Photography? Is it possible that I could have manifested them, although those may be harder to believe/ to come by at this stage? In reality, all the things that I planted throughout the year have borne fruit, so why did I not keep on believing? Something that Momma Zen Karen said in a talk I attended this summer keeps coming back to me: “everything we pay attention to, thrives”. Can we believe in that statement once and for all? Can we believe even more? We must try to push ourselves further in that direction instead of in the direction of our fears.
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More Plum Pretty Sugar Fall, Sept 09. Photography by moi :) Alessandra de Souza
Another nice thing that’s come up lately for me is that although I have not been able to write much here, I have on the other hand, stretched myself to reach out to my friends more. I usually go into a cave when I’m down, but lately I’ve talked on the phone and exchanged letters with my friends, which has turned out to be a very positive experiment for me! Good friends are wonderful! I’m so happy to have good friends in my life. It’s tough for me to ask for help, but just hearing their reassuring voice (on the phone or on paper) has meant the world to me. (That absolutely includes all of you who comment here or send emails through the blog too). Thank you. You are a peach!
As I wrap up today, I want to leave you with a question that is daring and that has everything to do with the word I chose for the week: “fierce”
Where do you need to pay attention to in your life?
Remember: That, which you pay attention to, will thrive.