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Inspired by a Gypsy Photo Shoot

I couldn’t be more inspired this week! I’m heading out to Burning Man once again (my 8th year in a roll!). So this “gypsy” shoot for the upcoming issue of V magazine, with one of my favorite fashion muses, Kate Moss, is absolutely timely for my current mood! The images of Moss laughing around the camp-fire with some other gypsies and spinning fire at night are definitely transporting me to the “playa”. I can’t wait to be doing that myself very soon…

Gypsy Moss, photographs by Iain McKell, via Radar.
If you are shy, be warned that the link to the other photos shows a topless pic of Kate. So don’t click/ look if you are going to be upset about it.
And just between us, I feel so frustrated with the media (even Radar’s article) talking about Kate’s topless shots as one more of her scandals. For godsake, peeps! Aren’t we familiar enough with boobies these days? I just cannot understand what is the big deal with showing some skin, especially in an elegant artful way. Why do people feel the need to control everything? If you see something and it is not your thing, just move on and let it go. I think Kate looks just gorgeous! I wish I’d taken those pics!
Gypsy Moss, photographs by Iain McKell, via Radar.
And big props to V magazine for being such a fashion forward Magazine. I am always incredibly inspired by all their photo shoots. I love how daring they are! If you are really really comfortable with nudes, you should also check out the “boho” photo shoot “Wild Things” by photographer Mario Testino. The styles are amazing and the “nude props” are not bad either. :)
Gypsy Moss, photographs by Iain McKell, via Radar.
Anyhow… I’m sure I am going to get some controversy in this post. But, well… I just finished my first big photo shoot using “lighting equipment” yesterday (yay!) and I’m feeling daring and wild and not short of audacity this week! Can’t wait to share some of my new images with you!
How about you, dear gypsy friends? Any areas in which you could use some “guts” this week? Any ways in which you could be daring?