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A sense of self – A sense of delight

Playing with Squares, Summer fever, photos by me ~ 2009
I’m out of words to express this magnificent time of my life! This summer has been unforgettable in every way… My heart is so full! The more I am true to my heart and in tune with it, the more I keep receiving new blessings… And seeing blessing all around me!
So today I want to give a shout to some other amazing inspiring things happening elsewhere in this community: (this giant list should keep you busy for a day or so!) :) But what can I say? Too many good things to share…
First, please take a minute to browse my lovely sponsors for August! I’m so thrilled to collaborate with each of them.
The beauty of different – a gorgeous sneak preview of Karen’s book. And guess what? Yours truly here is going to be featured!!! I’m so excited and honored to be included in such a stunning book!
A home for our community: The good-hearted. Soooo honored to be included. Thanks, Heather!
Celebrating love with my friend Liz. Check out her new beautiful blog design too!
Mondo Beyondo e-course ~ Andrea and Jen Lemen are joining forces to bring you a truly revolutionary e-course. These two amazing women are true gifts to the world. I could not be more certain that they are true angels and that they will indeed coach you in the best possible way towards your dreams!
Shutter Sisters goodness and the amazing photography and heart of Tracey Clark.
Jen Lee’s new book Fortunes, which I have in my bedstand right now, nurturing me every single day.
Kelly Rae’s update on the “House that Love Built”, which I posted a call for last year. Thank you if you’ve donated :) Come see what our heart and support made true.
Jen Gray featured in the SARK journaling e-course. SARK was instrumental in my life change. If it wasn’t for reading all her books and meeting her a few years ago, I wouldn’t have come this far! And for Jen gray, what can I say? Pure light. I cannot live without her…
Everyone is Beautiful!!
Mati’s coloring pages at SMALL magazine. So delightful! I cannot stand the cuteness!!
The new Persisting Stars site! Swoon! And her new e-course “Bones of a Poet”.
Sweet and true Gillian’s new look… Always Always a treat!
This pic of Ali’s baby: Seriously Anna. Seriously Adorable!
The joy of knowing that I’m going to spend sometime with this phenomenal woman very soon!
Emails from my sweet friend Myriam, who always has the right words!
Feeling completely in sync with my friend Hula (my hulita, as I call her) struggling to find words in the midst of an incredible flow of creativity!
Crushing on Christine’s tan in this video! :)
Lisa’s writing everyday, feeding my gypsy soul.
Mccabe any time and any day. Check out her video challenges!
The new cuteoverload: Cheerupnation!
Marianne and her peaceful warrior spirit.