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Inspired by Love & Romance

Photograph by Chris Craymer
Oh goodie! I have been saving this link to share with you and I could barely contain myself! Chris Craymer’s book Romance (available on his website for sale) is absolutely charming, edgy and delightful. Makes me want to hold my hubby hostage for a “sick day” at home, so we can snuggle all day :)
Photograph by Chris Craymer
But really, I am inspired mostly by the love I’m getting from my husband during this career/life change. There is nothing better than being seen exactly the way you wish to be seen, by someone you love. There is nothing better for me than coming home from a shoot and being hugged and seen by proud sparkling eyes, full of love.
Photograph by Chris Craymer
I know that I have talked about all the challenges in this transition, but what I haven’t spoken about is the love, the support and the generosity I’ve been relying on, to make this happen. There was a time in my life when I solely depended on my strength as an individual to make my dreams come true. But these days, the journey and the learning are bigger, because I realized nothing really matters that much, unless I can share it with someone special. And even though it is so much harder to blend the interests, dreams, and conquer the fears of two, it is also exponentially better when you find a way to make it happen.
Photograph by Chris Craymer
So I am dedicating this week to my love. The one who holds me with the most delicious surfer arms, the one who sees me cry, laugh, fall, try again, skip and dance around the house often. The one with ocean blue eyes that pour pure, mega love for me. The one who listens to all my crazy stories of magic and possibility. The one who is willing to work on his own ‘stuff’ as much as I am willing to work on mine, so we can be a rocking team. The one who travels with me around the world and through life’s journey. The one who I can’t live without. No way. I love him madly.
Photograph by Chris Craymer
For more love inspiration, check also Le Love. It’s addicting!
Want to join me on my “Love Week”? I challenge you to lay low on work, dreams, ambitions of any kind this week. It is easy to get caught up and not love. So dedicate sometime to consciously love, do things with love, receive love, send love notes, rub noses, give butterfly kisses, squeeze cheeks, hug tight, snuggle to no end… Just love this week, will you? It’s really good for your skin! :) While you are at it. Take pics, please.
You must cherish and be cherished by at least one lucky being this week. Could be a friend, a relative, a child, a pet even or a lover. Who is it going to be?

Permanent Vacation

Photography by Jenny Groth +
I’m sorry I’ve been away, peeps! It sure looks like I’ve gone on permanent vacation, but I haven’t!!! No way. I love you and this space too much to stop posting. It’s just been a whirlwind of projects and I’m busy to no end (which is good!). On the other hand, there is indeed a bit of a shortage of words here, so I’m going to leave you with some good summery links to explore over the weekend. Next week should be a bit mellower and I plan on sharing some pics from recent portrait sessions I did that rocked my world.
The lovely images above are part of the Permanent Vacation (summer collection). Check out just how cool they are: “Permanent Vacation is a group of creative people based on the west coast of Sweden. We foremost do what others refers to as fashion. But we also do lots of other stuff; photograph, play records, special design work-clothes, colabs, writing, styling for music videos and so on. Starting 2009 we also have a separate scenography department. (about the clothing line) Tired of all impractical pretensions in fashion today, Permanent Vacation clothes are inspired by the classic gentleman’s way of dressing; dapper, shapely, comfortable and useful, garments aimed to love, wear out and repair.”
Isn’t that awesome? I’m in love with the concept of a colab… Would love to tempt some of my creative friends (you know who you are!) to put together something like this, where we all bring our top and diverse skills to a variety of projects. (Hmm. Ideas like this make my “producer” side sparkle!) And the clothes seem so comfy too. Especially now, that I work from home, I love the idea of lounging garments “aimed to love and wear out!” One of each, por favor!
Good news! Issue 4 of Antler Magazine is out! You are not going to want to miss this issue. I loved every page. So indie and so delicious, with a few new artists finds that blew my socks off. I’m not going to ruin the surprise (I think you should get your own copy :))… But one of the highlights for me was discovering the art of Sofia Barao. Her mixed media work is a la Sabrina Ward Harrison. Beautiful!
I am also utterly inspired by “Record the Day”. This is another blog by the lovely Jess, who writes Lobster and Swan. She is so talented and I really admire folks like her, that can actually keep track of all the inspiration they come across. She does an amazing job and I can see that turning into a lovely book someday…
A cute line of positively green and yummy cards at Live Inspired. I adore all their products! Browse the site – I assure you, you will be shopping..
One more. Kale Primitifs has jewelry that melts my gypsy heart! Handcarved Bronze!
That’s it for now, lovely peeps I hope that you’ll enjoy the links and the love from me, even though I’ve been neglecting you. You can always follow me on twitte and facebook for other ramdom goodness. Some days it is a lot easier for me keep my posts to 140 characters! :-)
Now, tell me. How is your summer so far? What are you up to? Any fun projects, trips, plans?

Inspired by the heat fo the desert: Tunisia

The sunny summer weather has got me serious ill with wanderlust and I’ve been dreaming of dusty road trips, hot juxtaposition of colors and travel to places like Tunisia, that have all the elements of exotic I love so much!
That is when I stumbled on this fashion shoot by Oli Rust at HintMag.
I noticed that lately my eye is indeed turning towards Fashion Photography more and more. I’m loving how my Shining Star Portrait sessions are inspiring me to do go a bit further and experiment with a fashioney feel, working with models and stylists too. I promise that soon I’ll be showing you some of that stuff I’m playing with. Truth is I’m kind of nuts right now, just plotting, creating, shooting everyday, without much time for anything else…
Since I’ve embraced Photography, I totally have this sense that there is a whole new world ahead of me and it is all so exciting, that it makes me anxious, fearful, giddy and inspired, all at the same time. I want to learn it all, do it all, and I feel like I have to do it fast, before the opportunity and momentum slip away.
Even typing about the Fashion thing, gives me a rush of adrenaline and I feel this tingling in my hands, arms, chest and core. Of course there is a gremlin screaming at the top of his lungs… “HA! You want to do Fashion Photography now? Good luck with that, silly!”
I’m aware that those “dangerous” emotions are actually clues showing where we need to go in order to find our dreams… I know… But I thought those clues would mellow out once I claimed Photography and quit my job. And instead, they intensify the more I explore. At every step, I feel that “heat”, “danger” and “daring” turn up a notch. I confess that sometimes I can’t handle it… There are a number of days in which I panic and start looking for producing gigs again. I browse for 5 minutes and then I feel absolute certainty that I do NOT want to go back. No way, Jose!
At the end of the day, I’d really rather force myself to stay afloat in the crazy heat of all these powerful emotions rushing through my body. Right in there, there is a light. And in that light, I am honestly ready to make a fool of myself if need be. In that light, no matter what happens, at least I know who I am. I can succeed or sink, but I am living it, even it for just one moment. I am being completely true and connected. I am breathing into that fire in my core and letting myself be surrounded by it. I’m trying to relax in it, live with it.
Have a great week, everyone! I say, this week, push yourself to do at least one thing that gives you that good exciting knot in your stomach!
What can you do this week to turn up that heat? And I mean the heat inside. Your core. Your fire. Your passion.
{For more photos of Tunisia, visit these little gem of a site. It’s the type of Photography that makes me want to pack my bags and get lost in the world with my camera.}