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Links & Gypsy Life: Atlanta

Atlanta Artsy and Fun, May 2009.
I am so completely smitten with Atlanta, that I decided to share some of my pics and finds with you. (This way I’ll pretend I’m not slacking big time over here, by combining my ‘links’ and ‘gypsy life’ posts.) Deal? All right then.
It’s been so fun to mix my photography work with travel. It is a dream to finally make this happen. While in Atlanta I not only shot shining star portraits, but also had the chance to walk walk walk everywhere, take pictures and taste amazing food. I really can’t complain… Good times! =D
My friend Hula gave me a list of all the great spots to check out and my top favorite area/ street was N.Highland Ave (starting at Poncey-Highlands and going towards Virgina Ave). There I found Young Blood Gallery and Boutique, which is such a fantastic spot for affordable and beautiful indie Art. Miss Hula sure knows what’s going on ;) I discovered so many amazing artists and crafters there! Within my favorites:
Dolan Gaimen, who is actually a Chicago artist featured at the YB boutique. I was so tempted to buy one of his paintings!
And omg I’ve been missing out on Jessica Gonacha, who is a lovely artist and designer living in Atlanta. Found her work at YB as well, and I am in awe of her talent. I want a whole wall with her conceptual, hip and colorful paintings! Please check her blog for a broader look at her talents… She seems great!
I was also especially happy to see YB featuring work of my fellow SCAD buddies. Go SCAD!!
So much indie fabulousless… But I’m afraid too much to share in only one post…
Right next to the Young Blood there are two cutsie shops.
The Atlanta Cupcake Factory. Yum! Oreo Cupcake, I miss you already.Probably the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Not kidding! I think they’re even better than NY’s Magnolia and Crumbs. Yes. I did have two. Ooops!

“Vacation”– At the door it says: “Have Love, Will Travel”. Got me at hello, of course! Great vintage, crafty, indie boutique.
Other than that, besides stopping at every single shop in the Virginia/ Highlands, (being the coffee snob that I am) I couldn’t pass on trying out Cafe Aurora… And it did not disappoint. Perfect capuccinos… And… You guessed! More indie art on the walls! They also have a CD listening station, which I thought was a nice touch. And did I mention puffy clouds hanging from the ceiling? Yep. Coolness all around.
Then there’s the Belly General Store, which is a modern take on the traditional neighborhood store. This place is amazing. I’ve never seen so many colorful sodas lined up on so many shelves before. They also have olive oil bagels made fresh daily, cupcakes in a variety of flavors, fresh produce, sandwiches and salads. It’s just a great vibe of a modernized old pharmacy in there. Love it.
Well… More window shopping and it’s finally time for a gelato, don’t you think? Paolo’s… Oh my! I don’t know, peeps. Haven’t been to Italy in a while, so not sure if it is as authentic as they claim. But darn it’s good gelato! Especially delicious on a hot day in the South!
You get the idea… You can hang in the area all day and everyday.
However, if you like to walk like I do, I suggest you burn off some of those cupcake/ gelato calories, by hiking all the way to Little Five Points. It’s a nice walk through Freedom Park. I did not spend too much time there, but I enjoyed the graffiti walls, some hippie shops and two great little stops:
Criminal Records: music, comics, magazines, all kinds of good stuff.
Porter: It’s okay to end the day with beer once in a while, right? They have an amazing selection that will please any beer geek (like my hubby, hee…). Also, the food is pretty amazing for a pub and they have dinner events with food/ beer pairings.
That’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. I highly recommend a weekend in Atlanta! And I can’t wait to go back….
If you are in the Atlanta area, you cannot miss the Indie Craft Experience coming up on May 30 & 31 at Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta! Two days of fun & indie crafts!
ps: Readymade featured this area in one of their recent issues. Check it out for some other tips, if you are interested…