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Links and Tea, Anyone?

Teas and Links #1, Tea Garden Springs, Mill Valley, 2009.
By Thursdays I’m ready for some links and new finds. Are you with me?
Lately, all I think about is how to simplify, how to become more efficient, how to preserve and renew… Here is what I’ve got for you:
I’m loving the writing and all the inspiration coming from {Think Simple}.
This incredible and timely community, project & book:
{How to change the world for ten bucks}
Another delightful find from (one of my favorite publishers ever!) Chronicle Books:
{Secrets of Simplicity}. Learn to live better with less.
This amazing list and {post} from my zen friend in New Zealand. Even though we are apart, we are always in such synchronicity. This other post she wrote previously is also about cultivating a {Simple Life}. You don’t want to miss anything this phenomenal woman has to say!
{Things we forget} This blog makes me giggle. But…. Seriously. It reminds me that it is quite simple to lead a great life, if we can only add a few good notes (or rewrite) a few ‘to do’ lists!
More from me on Saturday, peeps. (Can I call you my peeps? With all the respect, of course?)
Hope you are all feeling inspired, uplifted and loved! Thanks for sharing this journey with me.
Anyone has any other yummy links about simplifying, living more consciously and cultivating a peaceful heart? I’d love for you to share.