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Inspired by Nine to Five Magazine

Published at Nine to Five magazine in Australia, Mar 30, 2009.
Today I am skipping the usual Photography Inspiration post to bring you some exciting news!
There is an article about me published on the hip lifestyle Magazine Nine to Five in Sydney! That is right: Sydney, Australia. :) I am so flattered, because Nine to Five features high quality photography and great interviews with up-and-coming creative women, such as filmmaker Gracie Otto, who was recently nominated for the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards; the hot newly discovered fashion designer, Anna Plunket, who is one of the geniuses behind Romance was Born (a must see link for inspiration), celebrity Stylist, Kelly Smythe and more…
I am head over hills and doing a little dance (can you see?)… I am indeed short of words, but I want to especially thank journalist and editor Elise Pitt for finding me and putting together such a great feature on my Gypsy Life. Thank you, dear Elise! The article looks beautiful and it’s everything I could have hoped for. You can click on the image on this post to see it large and to read the article as it appears on the print magazine, or you can check it also on the Nine To Five’s online publication. If you are in Sydney or Central Coast Australia, please grab a copy of the print issue and let me know how it looks. I can’t wait to receive my own issue in the mail!
Finally, I’m going to share a song from lovely Abby Dobson, also featured on the latest issue of Nine to Five. She has a song titled “Shining Star”, which seems like the perfect theme song for my Shining Star portrait sessions, which by the way, are rocking my world right now (email me at if you are interested in finding out more).
Here is the Shining Star music video. Consider it my message of love and thanks to you, dear readers, and to you, my fabulous editor Elise:
Shining Star by Abby Dobson
*** oh one more thing ***
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