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Inspired by Cig Harvey

photograph by Cig Harvey
Thank you for all the love and inspiration on my last post. Isn’t it lovely that we have each other? :) I feel such honor to be holding your beautiful stories… They are safe here, I promise.
And despite the gloomy rainy day in San Francisco, today I’m feeling so very inspired thanks to my friend Annie, who introduced me to the wonderful works of Cig Harvey. (Thanks, Annie!)
It was love at first sight! My imagination has ever since been floating in the dreamy world of her whimsical images… I just can’t get enough!
Her work combines color, design, emotion and an element of story, that is simply fascinating to me.
It is as if Cig entered my mind and snapped photos of my thoughts and feelings.
The feminine, romantic, soft, delicate layers of my heart…
photograph by Cig Harvey
The daydreamer, wanderer, messy, colorful side…
photograph by Cig Harvey
The “unbearable lightness” of being I feel, when I am kissed by the sunshine…
photograph by Cig Harvey
Aren’t you enchanted as well?
(And doesn’t it look like the pic above was shot at Squam?)
For those of you in the East coast, please take a class with her for me. Wouldn’t that be amazing???
And you? What is inspiring you lately? Let’s exchange beautiful words and images? I’m loving your participation here. You are all so magical! Let’s expand this circle of inspiration and support even more by finding each other. Leave a note or a link. I can’t wait to see what you have to share.
ps: Still working on responding to your comments and emails on my last post. You should all hear from me soon ;)