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News from the road & a giveaway at Chookooloonks

Meditation garden, Encinitas, 2009.
I’ve been on a road trip for a few days now, visiting friends and shooting colorful photographs of Southern California. So I will pop back to write a proper post soon, but I wanted to let you know of a couple of cool bits & news.
First, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m featured in the latest Paper ‘N Stitch online exhibit! Check out my profile at this gorgeous artsy site: Gypsy Girl’s Guide Photography at Paper ‘N Stitch. I’m so proud to have my work shown among such talents. Yay!
Next, I’m giddy to report that I was interviewed by my friend and shutter sister extraordinaire, Karen Walrond, as part of her “Authentic Interview Series” on Chookooloonks. (Thanks for the sweet words about me, dear Karen.)
I’d been a fan of Karen’s work for years… But since we met in person last year, I’ve also become a huge admirer of her powerful energy. Karen is so full of life and I believe that her joyful spirit can move mountains and shake grounds! A truly charismatic woman!
So, if you haven’t yet discovered Karen and her work, you must head to Chookooloonks immediately, cuz you’re in for a treat of vibrant Photography and soulful inspiration. Besides, I’m doing a great giveaway there too. :) So don’t miss it!! Get over there now!
Alright, lovelies, like I said, a new post from me will be up soon too, I promise. I really want to expand on my last one: “It’s safe to quit your day job” to talk about logistics. I want to go over step by step with you on how I did it. It is definitely not something you’d do overnight and there are several issues like timing, money and serious planning that come into play. I’ll share it all, though.
Till then… Enjoy your week wherever you are.
You do enough.
You are enough.
You are loved.
Just as you are.