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New Year’s Eve Fortune

So, what do you know? My last lunch of the year turned out to be at my favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant and a new tradition was born! From now on, on the last day of the year, I’m always going to draw a “cookie” fortune for the new year.
Here is what I got today:
“You are capable, competent, creative, careful. Prove it.”
I simply love it. A lovely fortune to carry with me in 2010.
While I was slurping my noodles, I was also observing the lovely family sitting across from me. That’s when I overheard the 7 year old chat with his dad:
“Dad, to be or not to be. that’s the question? Who said that?”
“That is a phrase written by Shakespeare, a famous playwright.”
“I think it’s the most stupid question ever..” said the boy. “Of course the answer is to be!”
“Oh really? And why is that, son?”
“Because… (big grin) Because to be is an adventure!”
no joke!
Here is my wish for you in 2010:
I wish for you “To be”
Your most authentic pure self
Capable, Competent, Creative, Careful, Caring
Happy Happy Happy