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Embracing 2009

Embrace 2009, photograph & magnets (within my Photograph) are a gift from my sweet friend Mermie. Artwork by Aya Takano.
It’s the last day of 2008 and I must say that I am more than ready to let it go.
Looking back, 2008 was indeed the year of “flight” for me. I just loved how the simple act of choosing that one word as my intention really set the tone for the entire year! It unleashed a powerful whispering at every step of the way, a sweet voice inviting me: “Come to edge, come to the edge”. And when I followed it, I flew. I flew with all my dreams, hopes and longings, soaring along with me, in a exuberant and transcendent way. I was shown once again the power of my wings!
Some of this year’s accomplishments included marrying the love of my life and having the most picture perfect barefoot wedding on a beach in Mexico. We had sixty of our closest friends and both of our families come together for the first time ever. This gathering of loved ones meant so much to me, as I had always wanted to unite both of our worlds. Then, there was Bali… It is always a good year when I get to go to Asia, my old crush! Sharing my passion for travel with my husband is something that moves me more than anything. Only after traveling with him, I really learned what it is like to feel the magic of deeply sharing an experience with someone. Needless to say, we had an amazing time surfing and photographing the lovely Indonesian people and sites.
On the friendship front, I was brave enough to show face this year! I finally put myself out there to meet all the “dangerous” suspects I admired from a distance, and I went on to meet several of my “online kindreds” in person too. This experience really cracked me open in many beautiful ways and helped me see and love myself in a much more tender way. With that instant bonding, I also finally recovered a sense of belonging to a community that I truly care about. (Thank you, lovers! You know who you are!). And if all that goodness wasn’t enough, the year’s gifts were topped with the fact that the long-awaited green card, slowly unfolded, allowing me to switch jobs along the way (after 10 years of being with the same employer due to an employment-based application), and eventually came through (Yes! I got my card a couple of weeks ago!). But go figure, the job switch was not enough of a change for me, so at the very end of the year, I found myself closer to the edge of an even higher cliff… In the horizon, the leap to pursue a new career and a more creative and balanced life! And guess what, dear readers? I am suspended in the air right now!
Oh my oh my… Aren’t we all glad 2008 is over? Cuz it was beginning to go too crazy on the “flight” idea! There is only so much my heart can take (Not to mention my husband’s heart!):P
Truth be told, with all the pushing forward in 2008, there were also many moments of stress, depression and doubt. What I did learn though, is that “yours truly” here is often the biggest obstacle. There seems to be a pattern in the way in which I react to life, choosing always the hardest way around. I am the one going in the river not to bathe, but to add rocks and resistance, to the endless and intense flow of life.
So here is the challenge for me in the year ahead: I’m going in the water and I want to let the current wash over me. Flood me if you will, 2009. I am now choosing the path of less resistance. I am choosing to “EMBRACE” all you have in store for me.
to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly
to take in with the eye or the mind.

What is your word for 2009?
Oh! And I almost forgot! I’ve been really busy with the blog redesign (sorry if you noticed that it’s been clunky lately)… But I meant to announce earlier this week, that the winner of Jen Lee’s delicious book and journal is Whitney! Congratulations, Whitney! You are in for a year of exquisite writing!
Thanks for playing, everyone. There will be more giveaways in 2009!
Happy New Year!