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Extraordinary Sparkling Friends ~

Christine Mason Miller‘s ART, Peach Tree Gallery Art Show, 28 Sept 2008.
Bella Wish jewelery, Peach Tree Gallery Art Show , 28 Sept 2008, photo by Christine.
I am still sparkling from my spontaneous trip down south to support these two lovelies in their sparkling gallery opening last Sunday. The gallery looked so inviting! There were inspiration quotes everywhere, lovely pottery with hope messages, vintage photographs hung across the walls, 3dimensional art pieces (including a mixed media bird cage and a mannequin bust), and several original paintings, nicely complemented by Stacy’s jewelery, which was displayed over a very special antique bottle collection. Absolutely charming!
As soon as I arrived, I spotted gorgeous Boho talking on the phone outside the gallery. Immediately, my heart was full. I knew right then, that I had made the right decision to buy that plane ticket. After reading Boho’s words for a few years, I already knew that she was pure grace and gentleness. But connecting her spirit with her presence was so reaffirming, because I could actually feel the warmth and calm she radiates. As we chatted, she patiently listened and looked deep into my eyes, with her big brown eyes, that are such a well of goodness! I swear that when you look into Boho’s eyes you just want to stay there, in that beautiful, soft, loving, Bohemian universe. You never want to look away… Boho is an amazing photographer! Boho is beauty and love. Boho is a soothing balm…
And then, Mccabe showed up. Oh my! I’d been reading her blog for a while and we had exchanged some soulful emails from which I knew we were going to be friends for life. Mermie (a nick name I think I borrowed from Boho for her) is my colorful and playful muse. She shares my childlike spirit. I see it in her… That pure and almost naive energy that comes through for me, when I open my own heart. When I think Mermie, I think of rolls of craft paper spread across the floor, colorful crayons, paints, glitter jars, stars… Mermie is creativity and possibility. Mermie is an artist, a healer, a teacher and a fairy. She ain’t called “dancing mermaid” for nothing! She enchants with her lighthearted wisdom and her magic tokens. Just so you know that I’m not exaggerating… When we met, she handed me a care package that she had prepared specially for me. Oh! Shucks. She is sweet too? YES! Some incense and one of her rocks wrapped in white cotton and blue tulle… Very gypsy of her, no? The word on the rock: “Wings”. See… She is indeed magic!
Right along, inside the gallery, the love fest continued…
I’d been looking fwd to meet Stacy Anne de la Rosa and this was such a perfect day to do so. What a beautiful name, don’t you think? It sounds so powerful and romantic… And that is how she is too! Stacy was hosting her very first gallery show and she also had her husband and her baby Bella by her side. Such a lovely family! Stacy has the most friendly and kind eyes, and a smile that is contagious to say the least. She glows! I feel a special connection with Stacy, because before she started her business, she worked in the same Industry I do now. It is really important for me to have someone in this community, who can relate to that side of my life, and completely understand the two worlds colliding inside of me at the moment. Sometimes when I hear other people’s stories, I give myself plenty of excuses for why, in my case, things would be different and harder… So, Stacy is that perfect kick in the butt for me. Looking at her, I am reminded: “What is your excuse now, Miss Gypsy?”. Stacy is inspiration and hope. I am wearing this beautiful jewel she made for me, with handpicked stones! She chose labradorite, for springing forth new ideas, and moonstone, for new beginnings and feminine energy. Aren’t I blessed?
Last, but not least, the extraordinary, Christine. Christine has been such a virtual mentor for me over the years and I am still processing our new friendship. Our teary eyes and our embrace say it all, though. I feel so connected to her, in deeper ways that I can express… And that is why I dropped everything to go support her in her show. She represents to me, that artists can be “down to earth professionals”! She is also that pal I want to go on road trips with! I can see us riding the “pink RV with stars on the ceiling”… (Okay. Yes. Jen and Mari need to come along too! Heck! We need to rent a giant bus and bring you all!). Christine is a traveler, a writer, a painter, an observer of life and a true friend. Christine is an expression of what happens when you seriously commit to being your most authentic self. She is life abundant! She is audacity without arrogance. She is an ocean filled with dreams, ideas, projects, inspiration and wisdom. You just want to dive in and try it all, see it all… And she makes it easy for you to do so, because she shares each drop of it (READ THIS POST) with so much openness and generosity. I want to be Christine when I grow up!
And if you got this far, you understand why I am walking on air these days…
This post just inspired me to expand a bit more in my writing and share more details about all the wonderful experiences I’ve had meeting amazing women (who are now, dear friends) through this blog. We have a fascinating community here. It’s one with a big heart!
You keep me going…
You keep me inspired…
I love you all ~
*** Stay tuned for some exciting creative news in my life! I’ll post words and photos soon.