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(photo by Cassidy Curtis)
We had a whole week of celebration. It felt like a “mini Burning Man week” in this very private and artistic jungle resort, that culminated in the most amazing night of fantasy, love and emotion, on Saturday, April 12th!
If I could only describe….
A Magical Afternoon/ Evening ~
With amazing warm loving people around us ~
Giving us so much love ~
We had…
Gypsies (of course!) entertaining guests with passionate flamenco music before the ceremony ~
A paradise setting only for us, our friends and our families ~
The most perfect weather and sunset ~
A flock of pelicans flying above us while we exchanged vows ~
Colors everywhere ~
Smiles everywhere ~
Hugs everywhere ~
A candlelit dinner right on the beach ~
Mariachis serenading us with romantic Spanish songs ~
Delicious food and margaritas ~
The moon right above us ~
And a sky full of stars ~
(A true movie set!)
Fireworks to follow our first dance ~
(And as if it wasn’t enough…)
Firedancers came next ~
To finally turn up the heat and the party vibe ~
Costumes & Blinky lights were distributed ~
Which resulted in even more happy faces ~
And even more booties shaking on the dance floor ~
Ah! I can’t wait to see all the pics from our friends and from our amazing photographers Jenny and Tyler!!!
But we are heading to Bali tonight! YAY!!!!!!!! The magic continues!