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San Francisco City Hall, Feb 21 2008.
I know… I know… What is going on???
We did it. We couldn’t wait until the official wedding day this coming April, so we ran off and got married last week!
Well… Okay… Maybe we could have waited… But the life of a Brazilian gypsy who is marrying a US citizen in Mexico, requires some amount of paperwork done… Therefore, we opted to get that paper stuff out of the way, and also take the opportunity to proclaim our love sooner than later!
It was a very intimate and special ceremony at the City Hall “rotunda” ~ in the heart of the city of San Francisco.
Let me tell you… So much for our free spirit! We thought we would do a “drive thru” kind of deal…
But as soon as were facing each other, holding hands, looking into each others eyes, and we began to recite our vows…. We both fell under a spell.
Suddenly nothing else mattered
We got lost in each others eyes
Our feet weren’t touching the ground
We were floating away
Way up in the sky
The stars were all around us
We had tears falling down our cheeks
And we spoke softly and steadily
As is our love: calm and deeply rooted.
There was eternity in each word and each instance
There was an earnest wish for mutual devotion
There was purity
And a trancelike wonder
True Love
I highly recommend it. :)
More on the “actual wedding” plans soon.