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Small Steps

Gemma’s colorful steps in San Francisco, Fall 2007.
I’m taking small gentle steps…
toward the Holidays reds and “blues”
toward true kindness and compassion for me and others
toward a more centered way of dealing with challenges
toward the possibility of making money doing something I love
toward figuring out what it is that I love to do
toward more self confidence
toward bringing more balance into my routine
toward a simpler and fuller life
toward accepting everything exactly as is
toward learning to let go… over and over again
toward the diligence to just start over
toward feeling less guilty for leaving
toward finally getting my green card and the freedom to choose my life’s work
toward truly embracing my life as an immigrant
toward claiming new dreams
toward learning how to ask for help
toward being comfortable with “not knowing”
toward the brave & free spirit I used to be
toward making my life matter
toward mapping this world of color and light inside me.
toward finding a way of expressing what is inexplicable, immaterial, vast, ethereal, profound…
toward defining and dissecting what fills me… with such longing.
toward living and loving, exquisitely aware.
Wishing you Holidays filled with LOADS of
Snuggles, Love, Light, Hope…
And Spicy Tender Ginger Cookies!
All of our dreams are already coming true!