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Burning Love! We met @ BM in 2003.
Finally… I am back to report:
Rich & I got engaged while we were in Santa Fe!!!! Yay!
I had to keep it a secret for a while, cuz we were waiting to surprise Rich’s mom for her 65th birthday. The news were a hit, of course! Everyone is really happy and so are we!
How did he do it?
Well… He made me work for it! :P
You see, he had in his mind that he wanted to propose with a view. So… We sure drove and hiked all the peaks in the area for four days, until he finally found the “perfect spot”. And it was truly the best!
First, we hiked around The Bandelier National Monument. During this hike, there was one moment when we were getting all romantic and I even thought… “Gosh, I wish he’d thought of proposing on this trip…” But well, when you’ve been traveling with someone for four years… You just don’t know when to expect the ring anymore…” Then, in the midst of some hot action… Three Harley bikers showed up and yelled: “You guys need to stop that! I haven’t seen my woman for weeks!” I thought it was funny… But actually… Little I knew… My ring was indeed waiting to pop out of his pocket until the dudes showed up! Rich was so disappointed…
Then, my devastated knight decided we better head north to Taos to find some more “off the beaten track” viewpoints. We drove up on the Taos High Road checking out every beautiful vista relentlessly. This is a gorgeous drive, by the way, with several villages and native pueblos along the way where you can find a huge variety of craft items. I’m afraid though, that this quaint area just wasn’t what Rich had in mind…
Then again, we had to keep searching… So he thought we might need to check out the Taos ski valley, later, the Rio Grande gorge, and the next day, the Santa Fe ski area and even the red canyons of Abiquiu….
Finally, on our last day… The last sight: Tent Rocks Monument.
(Pause here: I went to this place totally against my will!! I was so done with hiking by that point. It was hot and all I wanted was a margarita at the airport! I could see his frustration though, when I denied the invitation to hike up the mountain, and I wondered… Why is he so damn interested in hiking on this trip?). Oh Well. Off I went… A little grumpy at first… But once we were there, I totally loved every inch of that trail. It’s a continuous path around these crazy rock formations, and at the top, there are some very narrow ridges that allow you to walk all the way up to the edge of the abyss.
Rich kept asking me to go sit on the ridge with him… But you should know… I get a bit weird with heights… So I kept saying no no no. Until finally I warmed up to it and we sat at a perfect little strip of the earth, at the top of the world. It was an impeccable sun shining day… There were red mountains and rolling hills all around us, and as far as the eye could see…
I sat down on the very end of the peak in hopes of getting the freshest breeze on my face. Suddenly, my sweet prince kneed down in front of me and presented me with a tiny red box. Ooooooh! His blue eyes had the deepest and sweetest spark! Oh, how I love this man! He asked me in English and then in Portuguese… Just to make me melt completely. And then, he proceeded to tell me all those things a girl wishes to hear all her life… Oy.
If you’re still wondering… Of course I said Yes! And “Sim” (which is Yes in Portuguese!!). We sat there kissing, looking at each other and exchanging so much love…
You know… I’ve been alone and away from home all these years… And for the first time ever, I finally had this unique feeling of peace. A feeling of reassurance that I did choose the right path for me… This is the life I want to live. And he is the one I want to share my life with. I’m so happy to have found this amazing lover, partner, best friend… Someone to come along and away with me.
For pics of our moment go here:
My song of the moment: “Come away with me”, Nora Jones.
* the pic at the top is by my dear friend Cat.