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New Mexico

Canyon Road Doorways, Santa Fe, Spring 2007.
“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.” Georgia O’keeffe.
I’ve just come back from a few unforgettable days in New Mexico. Although work and circumstances are keeping me away from you… I wanted to post an image and a gypsy quote that embody my recent adventures in the Santa Fe’ area.
Missing this space and your comments dearly…
I will be back soon.
Update: I just found out there was a problem with my server last week and also with my comments publishing system! It all should be fixed now. But more importantly, this means you had not completely abandoned me… I’m much happier now that I saw a few of you did stop by! Phew! Sorry about that! =)