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Studio Time

Studio Time, San Francisco, March 2007
Dear readers, since I’ve been away from the “blogsphere” for a few days, I decided to invite you into my world for a bit. Take a peak at my creative area!
Here is where I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately : brainstorming, planning and developing ideas for my own artful business. Truth be said, I have also been (madly!) working on another big film project. I am now producing the visual effects for Spiderwick Chronicles (that’s my day job, btw!), a feature adaptation on the children’s book series of the same name . If you have young readers at home, I highly recommend these fun little books and (especially!) the illustrated field guide!
Here are some of my other projects at the moment:
More Kids’ illustrations – I have some samples up in the picture above! Illustration has become my biggest passion (after Dance and Travel)! I dream of the day when I will do that for a living… (That day is closer and closer now! Yay!) I’m working on a portfolio to take to the SCBWI conference in August. Any of you coming to this event too? I went last year and it was fantastic!
Book Project – This is a great new opportunity for me. I can’t tell you much right now… But it’s going to be incredible!!! And as soon as I can, I promise I’ll let you in on that journey.
Gypsy Shop – Some of you have emailed and asked me about it, so here we go: I’m setting up an online store to sell prints of some of my photos and illustrations here. I’m both flattered and excited about this! And I’m in the process of testing several print services too. The images are very hi res so they can be printed fairly big. Cool, uh? Some of the photos that will be available are here on the blog and some will be totally new.
Gypsy Girl’s Guide site – I’m redesigning the site to include more features. Surprise!! More on that soon!
Partnership and Collaboration – This is super new and exciting! I’ll be collaborating on a creative project with a very special Blogger. Who could it be??? More on that soon!
Travel – Finally! I need to keep moving!! :D Starting this October, I’ll be spending sometime in Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and the island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. The plan is for me to document this tropical paradise with lots of photos and illustrations ~ I can’t wait!
Phew. I think this is it for now. I cannot squeeze anything else besides kisses from my “Sito” (who is such a good listener and who cheers me up all the way in everything I do!)
As for you, my dear ones, I’ll be back to full swing, reading and writing by the end of this week. Till then, I’m sending you lots and lots of inspiration and happiness!