What is really important?

Early Morning ~ Peace, Backwaters, 2004
Peace of mind.
Peace when I sit with my thoughts and
Feel no anxiety about the future.
Peace in my words and colors.
Peace when I trust myself
And what is in my heart.
Solitude to create.
Peace in calm waters and quiet walks.
Peace when I’m at ease, instead of rushing.
Enough time to be kind
And grateful.
Peace of no regrets.
Peace in transparency and
Deep caring.
True Love.
Peace for the world.
Peace I bring when I’m in harmony.
All things considered.
Peace to nurture the soul.
Peace to find and awaken
That divine spark, which is
Inside all of us.

  • A very nourishing contribution! Thanks for posting this.

  • Peace is so important. These are lovely words. I am trying so hard to find peace more, even when things are so rushed and stressful and time-consuming. Your poem has made me feel more peaceful! Excellent affirmations..

  • “If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.” Henry Miller:)

  • “If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.” Henry Miller

  • Lovely- just really lovely. Thank you for this…

  • With peace, everything is possible. Peace with self, national peace, peace in the world. Peace is an important factor in creativity.

  • You are new to writing poetry? Beautiful.
    I feel peaceful just reading it.

  • alex,
    love this…
    i too felt peaceful reading it.

  • Hi Alex,
    True words, penned well
    since your poem exuded peace even in its presentation.

  • I needed this poem last night for the feeling of peace and tranquilty during a frantic moment!
    But of course it’s never too late…thank you for your excellent verses!:)

  • Really enjoyed your post on writing and change…
    Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting.

  • Years ago when I lived in Nepal, I took a guided meditation class twice a week with a monk. It was then I felt the most in control of my thoughts and anxieties. It was then I felt the most at peace. How did I let that practice slip away? I must get back to that place… in my head.
    Still when I have trouble sleeping, it is an image very similar to the one you have posted that I think of – the sun on the water. It carries me away into slumber.

  • Lovely soothing and nourishing words and gorgeous photo.

  • I found your site, accidentally just i was thinking that I need to get out of the borders of my small country.
    So maybe finding your site wasn’t accidental after all!
    (loved poem and photo)

  • Muito bonita a foto, Alex!
    Gostei tamb

  • Beautiful words to accompany a beautiful picture. You are very talented.

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