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Gypsy Guide to GLOWING in San Francisco

Lands’ End Labyrinth, San Francisco, 2007

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This weekend I decided to dedicate my entire Saturday to working on my GLOW.
I started my day with a carrot, apple, parsley, ginger juice! YUM! Have you guys discovered the joys of juicing yet? I got a fabulous juicer a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Of course, I owe it to him, my “Juice(y)man” who bought me the machine, and who is sweet enough to treat me to his specialty elixirs every weekend. I’m afraid not all these machines come with a “Juice(y)man”… But perhaps could attract one? =)
After my energizing drink, I went on a healing walk starting at the Sutro Baths and ending at Eagles Point. I highly recommend this walk if you are a visitor looking for a less touristy view of San Francisco, or even if you’re a local interested in some moderate exercise and fresh air. This beautiful 2 mile road starts at the north end of Ocean Beach and goes along the water all the way to Land’s End (on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge). About half a mile in, you get to Mile Rock Beach, which is a quiet spot surrounded by cliffs and trees. On low-tide clear days, it is possible to walk by the water, sit on the rocks and gaze at the Marin Headlands.
Thankfully, I was able to do just that. It was kind of an overcast morning and everything looked rather silver and mysterious when I arrived there. I walked towards the south of the beach and sat on the tallest furthest rock I could find. One of the special features of this walk is the fact that even though you are technically inside the city, you don’t hear any traffic whatsoever. So I took the opportunity to be alone there, to slow down and listen to the continuous sound of the waves gentling rolling in and out… I tried to match my breath to it and relax deeply. After about 30 minutes in the chilling air, it was time to start walking again to generate some heat. I noticed a path leading to a plateau over the water, which I had never explored before. To my surprise, there it was: The Land’s End Labyrinth. The Labyrinth was created in 2004, but I’d never heard of it until recently, when she mentioned it to me… What a pleasant new discovery! After I walked my way in and out of the Labyrinth’s center, I climbed the hill behind it and watched its magic from above. I finally witnessed why Labyrinths are considered a shrine to peace. In order to go through it, everyone gets into somewhat a meditative state. It was fun to watch people walking through it with a smile, taking their time to figure it out and paying attention to their every step. For more information (and photos!) on San Francisco Labyrinths go here.
Following my wholesome morning, I headed to Cafe Gratitude for a nutritious and delicious meal. Meggy says “nobody cares what you had for lunch”. But I suppose that when your lunch is called “I’m flourishing” you must mention it. Check out the menu to get an idea of what to expect from this alternative cafe. Definitely not an option if you’re a big meat eater or seeking pub grub. Instead, be prepared for a very (I mean VERY!) “new agey” vibe and tasty healthy food.
My next stop: Mani and Pedi. How can you glow without them? Here is my favorite salon for those special days when you’re willing to pay what it takes to feel like a princess. More importantly, it is right next to another haven in the city. Ladies and Gentlemen (Yes! Gentlemen too!) I’m thrilled to present the best massage spa in town. Therapeia is the place where I indulge ocasionally, in the hands of my beloved therapist, Jeannelle! How can you not melt? Byzantine chants creating a soft mood in the background… And among other treats, an eucalyptus scented hot towel placed slowly on your face, right before your head-face massage. Ahhhhhhh…
You might be wondering… Is that day over yet? Well… I warned you that this was about glowing! So for the “grand finalle” and for the good night of sleep that followed it: hot tea, sake and sushi! If you live in the city, check out Sunset’s best kept secret: Goemon! Here you’ll have an authentic sushi bar experience and perhaps a few too many sake cups…
Needless to say… I started my week GLOWING!
How about you? Is it time for you to dedicate an entire day to “working” on your GLOW?